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List all the things you did and saw at PAX East

grkpektisgrkpektis Registered User regular
edited March 2011 in PAX Archive
Game demos played-
duke nukem forever
darkness 2
star wars TOR (bounty hunter early levels)
ms splosion man
zelda OOT, resident evil mercenaries and kid icarus for the 3ds
crysis 2 (on the largest 3dtv in the world

exclusive footage
Portal 2
Battlefield 3
L.A noire

Pitch your game idea
PA Q&A (last one)
saturday concert (I only had time to see VGO)
jenga omegathon

Older games I played for the first time (mostly at console freeplay)

Castle crashers
PA adventures episode 1
League of legends
monday night combat

Got my badge signed by the creators of PAX
played zombie dice board game
won a raffle and got a stuffed munchkin cthulu
went to the Star Wars TOR after party

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    undeadundead Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    The convention started a day early for me. Was learning some of the new games in development with other MIBs over in the Seaport on Thursday night.

    Granted, because I'm an MIB, I spend most of the convention demoing:

    Munchkin Zombies
    I did play in the Munchkin tournament on Friday.

    Frag Gold
    Was one of the judges for the Munchkin tournament on Saturday
    Good, Bad, Munchkin
    Munchkin Fu
    Star Munchkin
    Munchkin Zombies
    I did manage to get in a game of Race for the Galaxy on Saturday night.

    Sunday is the day I spend checking out the rest of the convention:
    Played some of the games on the 3DS
    Burger Time
    Donkey Kong Jr.

    undead on
    As I am, so shall ye be.

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    grkpektisgrkpektis Registered User regular
    edited March 2011

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    SlayerPathSlayerPath Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Showcases I went to:
    Portal 2
    L.A. Noire
    Battlefield 3

    Games I played:
    Snake (Don't know the correct title)
    Crysis 2 (won a shirt :D)
    Duke Nukem Forever

    Panels I went to:
    Does Gender Matters in Video Games?

    I pretty much just looked around but the BF3 exhibitors wanted an video interview from me before and after seeing BF3 footage as part of a joke since I was dressed up as Ghost from MW2. It was cool.

    SlayerPath on
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    feitocomfrutafeitocomfruta Denver, Colorado, USARegistered User regular
    edited March 2011
    I checked out the Portal 2 and LA Noire showcases.

    Game Demos:
    Dragon Nest/Vindictus (8th person to try them both out, so I won a FireWolf SpiritHood)
    Rock Band (it counts)
    Dance Central (I think IGN may have gotten footage of a Professor Layton doing a Soulja Boy Dance battle, myself being the Prof...)
    Shoot Many Robots

    A Reverse Q&A With Harmonix
    The Escapist Screening
    The LoadingReadyRun Panel/Screening

    feitocomfruta on
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    undeadundead Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    grkpektis wrote: »

    Yes, but I wasn't in the SJ booth. I was demoing for the Tabletop Arena section (had the white shirt on for Saturday). If you passed a guy that had all the Munchkin decks, Munchkin Quest, Frag Gold, Nanuk, Chez Geek, and Illuminati on the table, that was me.

    I'm also the guy that handed out all the bookmarks to the players in the Munchkin tournament on Friday.

    undead on
    As I am, so shall ye be.

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    Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    I never did get to try Munchkin this trip - it was one of my goals. The tables were always super full and mostly playing the Zombie version. I was going to pick up the basic set but ended up picking up a few other games as I wanted to try it before buying to see how complex it is for different age groups.

    For the trip itself:

    Prepax Dinner - fun
    Dim Sum - even more fun and tasty

    Q&A #1
    Escapist Panel
    Final Omegathon

    VGO/Paul & Storm/JoCo - I have to say Paul & Storm were in rare form, completely full of hell - seemed like they were genuinely having a great time on stage.

    Face shooting/AR/Resident Evil/Nintendogs on the 3DS
    Bastion - great game, stupid voiceovers
    New Earth Defense Force game
    MvC 3 (I hadn't played it yet)
    Mortal Kombat
    Pokemon Black (I'm not allowed to buy it until after we move)
    Pokemon Online - VERY well done
    Lots of arcade machines

    I also played D&D for the first time since middle school (about 20 years or so), Magic for the first time since I was a teacher (about 10 years), and a tried and bought a few new board & card games. I had a great time!

    Lindsay Lohan on
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    PAX CreeperPAX Creeper Registered User new member
    edited March 2011
    Tried playing Live action D&D but the vampire dude was to scary. The Giant mech suit would have been an awesome upgrade.

    PAX Creeper on
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    acumen101acumen101 Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    • Portal 2 (with awesome-fitting t shirt)
    • Duke Nukem
    • Red Faction (3 times)
    • Brink
    • Gunstringer
    • The Behemoth
    • Classic Arcade Room

    • Pre-PAX Dinner
    • The devs at all the booths I were at
    • The people in all the lines I waited in
    • People I've only met via Twitter
    • Anyone who got my business card
    • Most importantly...Ken Levine, whom I got to sign my expo badge!!!

    • Major Nelson's Podcast (asked about finding gamertags by email address)
    • Rage demo (Friday)
    • Deus Ex preview (got to ask about gernades usable as mines, satisfied with the answer)

    acumen101 on
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    SinkuuSinkuu Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    grkpektis wrote: »

    Men In Black.

    We're the Demo team for Steve Jackson Games, the guys who brought you Munchkin, Zombie Dice, Cthulhu Dice, and other games.

    our bosses had a booth in the back of Tabletop (the right side of the building if you walked in by the Bioshock display) where our games were displayed.

    Sinkuu on
    they made me a signature, but I eated it. and I have an 18 inch laptop. :P
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