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Firefox Adblocking vs Chrome Adblocking of video ads

LednehLedneh shinesquawkRegistered User regular
I've been going back and forth between Firefox 4 beta and Chrome for the last couple of months. Overall I tend to prefer Chrome, with one exception: adblocking. Specifically, video advertisements prior to the video on sites like blip, vimeo, viddler, youtube, dailymotion, and pretty much all the others.

On firefox with adblock plus, I have never seen a video ad on any site ever--including somewhat esoteric ones like With Chrome's adblock plus, ads on Youtube get blocked okay, but nowhere else.

Does anyone know if it's possible to give Chrome the same adblocking ability that Firefox's version has, with respect to video advertisements? Like I said, I generally prefer using Chrome over Firefox, but the endless video ads get old in a hurry.

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