Halo: Dawn (a machinima)

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Hi all,

I'm new to these forums, hopefully short film is ok for this thread...

A few months ago I applied to 343 Industries for a position editing cinematics. In an attempt to stand apart from the crowd, I created a machinima based on Halo. I didn't get the job, so now the short film is basically fan fiction. Now I'd like to share it around.

I present Halo: Dawn

Background information:
The story tells of the war between the UNSC and the Insurrection, and the genesis of the SPARTAN II program. Characters include Dr. Catherine Halsey, the AI Déjà, and a new character I created, Admiral Pierce.

I created this using Lionhead Studio's 'The Movies'. Unfortunately the OSX port of the game broke the lip syncing, but I decided to move ahead anyway.

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