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Is it just me or is PA the worst place to work . . . ever?

dannildannil Registered User
edited March 2011 in Debate and/or Discourse
Just got finished watching part two of the Child's Play new hire video. Maybe it’s just how the videos are edited, but it seems like the PA offices are extremely "cliquish". Working for a small company myself I can understand the importance of getting the right people in the right positions and that team chemistry is a very important goal, however it seems the staffing decisions at PA have gotten to the point where alternative viewpoints or lifestyles are shunned. Even though the PA definition of "outside the norm" is not your typical corporate ivory tower, it seems to be enforced just as vigorously and dogmatically.

Robert and the others clearly have a defined vision for where Penny Arcade is going, but by ruthlessly purging and avoiding any staff who might not perfectly fit the mold, they run the risk of losing out on the unexpected gestalt, the outsider point-of-view, and the benefits of new ways of thinking.

Personally, it sounds like a very fun “as long as you are having the fun we call fun” place to work, and I wouldn’t take a job there if they paid me in gold coins.

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