A Tanadrine Studios Original Sci-Fi animated series: Delura

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I figured I'd put this here for scrutiny. All future Delura episodes will be posted in this thread (typically 1 month of full time to produce).

To put it concisely, I'm working to create a fantasy sci-fi animated series as the sole animator, 3d artist and audio/video producer... I do pretty much everything but concept stuff. Its intended that this series will always be free to watch; we're not doing this to mine gold from people. We're doing this because we're really passionate about the concept of creating a show... and we're freaking sick of things like the Syfy channel putting reality/wrestling shows on their channel and cliche shows and movies and remake after remake after remake. It's time for people to grow some balls and pioneer unique ideas... even if the chance of failure is really high.

My goals in this project in order of importance:
  • To create a compelling story which is unique and of its own caliber... if I'm successful, there will be few things that this work could be compared to and will be a refreshing change to whats currently out there.
  • To have high and efficient Production. In order to ever get this story published, we need to be quick about our work. This is a series... not one of those thousands of "1 hit wonder" shorts... we're tired of those too. We realize it takes longer to build an audience with this type of compilation; series videos are not as "viral" as shorts.
  • ... BUT that doesn't mean our work should be garbage either... so we have to improve and refine with every episode published. We are NOT experts! If my work does not noticeably improve every installment, I'm doing something wrong.
  • Animation
  • Visuals

So, take it for what its worth and feel free to comment good or bad! I'll be releasing a developer's diary in a few days after this post detailing the things I could have improved most about my own work... and how it will influence future episodes for the better.

Below are links to youtube videos on our website. Viewer discretion is advised for brief language and disturbing imagery.




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    What is this? What's going on here?!

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    Ok, I don't think you're pushing any conventional sci-fi boundries here with the content, but I will say this: I liked what I saw from some of the character animation, I would encourage you to keep at it for the sole purpose of becoming a better animator.

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