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Needing a multi-user spreadsheet editor

darkenedwingdarkenedwing Registered User regular
So, I need a spreadsheet editor that 2-4+ people can work on at the same time, editing different areas at the same time, and constantly updating (every minute at the most), needs support for tabs (like at the bottom of excel), and if it had support to be used on an ipad or android tablet (ipad more likely), that would be amazing.

Basically as long as I can have it open on a PC and an ipad, edit a cell in one, and the change to automatically appear on the other within a minute, vice versa, and support for tabs.

Is there anything like this out there? If it costs, thats perfectly fine too. Thanks in advance for any help :D

darkenedwing on


  • AbracadanielAbracadaniel Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    Google docs spreadsheet?

    Alternatively, check out

    Abracadaniel on
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