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For the longest time, I've loved Deadpool as a character, from his appearances in video games to his hilarious supporting role in Hulk Vs. Wolverine. I even liked the brief snippet we got of Ryan Reynolds as him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, despite how he eventually turned out.

Having never been much of a DC fan aside from Batman, I've always been a Marvel nut. That being said, seeing the WonderCon footage for Green Lantern has instantly shot it to near the top of my list of most anticipated movies for this year.

What do these two thoughts have in common? Simple. I'd appreciate if some of the more versed members of this board could recommend me some great books featuring these characters. What are some of the most seminal Deadpool stories? The wackier and funnier, the better. If I am as enticed by the GL footage as I'm sure many are, what are some great Lantern stories that might be in the same vein or tone as what the film looks to be (my novice guess from just the trailers: Mass Effect with super heroes).

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    For Deadpool, start with Deadpool: Dark Reign, then move onto Deadpool: Monkey Business. These are both the best stories from his most recent ongoing series. After that, I'd say start burning through volumes of Deadpool: Classic, as those books contain many of the iconic Deadpool moments. Finally, if you're still hungry for more Deadpool after that, go buy all the Deadpool and Cable Ultimate Collections.

    Green Lantern's a little trickier, since it starts with a big continuity quagmire. Still, I'd say to start with Green Lantern: Rebirth, and Green Lantern Corps: Recharge. If you like what you see there, go get Green Lantern Vol. 1 and Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1.

    If you have any further questions of this nature, refer to the Help Me I'm New to Comics thread.

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    The place to start with Green Lantern would be Green Lantern: Secret Origin, which the movie will loosely parallel. Then move on to Rebirth and the modern era of GL stories.

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    I've just started getting into Deadpool titles myself. Scooping up everything I can find, which isn't hard since he's got so many series to choice from. I've enjoyed Deadpool - Wade Wilson's War and Deadpool merc with a mouth a lot. Deadpool Max has it's moments but isn't the best in my opinion. He's got a Deadpool team-up that's got a lot of humor to it and little else. I just finished reading Deadpool #30 - #34 (i'm not sure if this would be considered his main feature since it doesn't have more to the title) and I really like it. It's got a good combination of him being funny/crazy yet still an awesome warrior that people should fear. And his part in x-force so far is perfect

    I've heard their working on a Deadpool movie (i'm sure others are more knowledgeable on things of this nature) and I hear it'll be Reynolds playing him again but it'll have nothing to do with the x-men origins which is a good thing. When I saw Reynolds was playing Green Lantern it differently made me want to watch it, hope it's as good as it seems

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    If you're willing to do a bit of back tracking, for Deadpool, I would suggest the Gail Simone run Deadpool/Agent X series. I don't believe the TPB have ever been released(which has always seem odd to me), but they're my favorite version of Deadpool, and if you seen any Deadpool snippets on the internet this past few years, it's probably from that run.

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    I've been reading Cable and Deadpool for a little while now since I got Marvel Digital.

    I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

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    Cable & Deadpool is less "wacky adventures" than it is actually developing Deadpool as a character, particularly towards the end of the series, though it does still have funny bits. Definitely recommend it.

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    Green wrote: »
    Cable & Deadpool is less "wacky adventures" than it is actually developing Deadpool as a character, particularly towards the end of the series, though it does still have funny bits. Definitely recommend it.

    Is that the one where he uppercuts shadow cat?

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    I'm not much of a fan of the current Deadpool ultraviolent/ultra wacky stuff. To me, the best stuff is the Joe Kelly run (#1-33 plus some specials, starting back in 1997), and the couple of limited series that preceeded it (written by Nicieza and then Waid, IIRC). That stuff's mostly reprinted in the Deadpool Classic trades.

    There were some laugh out loud moments in that series, particularly the issue where Deadpool time travelled into an old Spider-Man comic (#11, maybe?), but there was also some character development. It got a bit disjointed toward the end of the run when there was a threat of cancellation every few issues, though. (I never much liked the Priest or Simone runs that followed Kelly.)


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