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Facepalm Gaming Marathon

PixelantePixelante Registered User new member
edited April 2011 in Games and Technology
Hey everybody, we're an indie developer from the PAX10 last fall and starting April 10th at Noon (PST) we're going to be hosting a new gaming marathon for charity!


It's going to work a lot like Desert Bus, which I'm sure most of you know very well. In our case we're going to play brutally difficult platformers, making fools of ourselves over the live stream by dying over and over and over again in utter frustration and futility.

The more money that is raised for charity, the longer we're forced to suffer for your enjoyment. We're raising the funds for both Child's Play and the Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund.

We've got all sorts of ways to donate, most of which include you getting a game out of it (Fowl Space from the PAX10 last fall. Jerry gave it "Top marks"). We're still trying to rope in more indie developers, so you may see more deals coming soon.

So tune in and say hi, and if you haven't donated through other fundraisers already consider donating through Facepalm to ensure that we have to fail miserably at the hands of these cruel, cruel games for as long as possible.

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