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So on Saturday my HDD started making clicking noises, then eventually crashed completely, and I got the no OS detected error.

Since my computer has 3 HDD I wasnt worried, and pulled out my Vista disk and installed to another HDD.

Everything was going fine, and I was installing the gigs worth of windows updates etc. But I left the computer unattended for too long and it went into sleep/hibernate mode.

Some history on this, way back 4+ years ago when I first bought this computer, if I hibernated/slept the computer instead of powering off, the onboard NIC would stop detecting the network. The workaround I eventually concocted was to plug in a NIC into a PCI slot, boot it up with the ethernet plugged into the PCI NIC, then power off, and swap back to the onboard NIC. (or some variation of that).

Anyways, the NIC once again will detect the presence of a ethernet cord, and the computer can tell if the modem it is plugged into is on/off, but it cannot "identify" the network and get a valid IP address. I tried uninstalling the NIC from device manager and rebooting, tried running a CMD prompt as admin and running the Netsh to try and flush the TCP/IP protocalls, tried repairing the install from the Vista disk, doing a system restore, and doing a full reinstall but all to no avail. Of note, the onboard NIC shows an amber light instead of green.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or should I try and figure out the voodoo majik with the PCI NIC and waving dead chickens over it?

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    I had a similar problem, and although it only occurred irregularly this helped.

    When your nic is having problems, disable it in the control panel or the network settings and then re-enable it.

    Still it is just a bandaid.

    Have you tried looking for newer versions of your NIC drivers?

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