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[Monitor] LCD for Travel?

SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today!Registered User regular
This summer, I'm going back to the old country for a month--longest vacation I'll have had in about seven years.

It's been a while since I flew, apparently I'm allowed one carry-on and one checked piece of luggage. Since I'm not planning to bring much in the way of clothes (I dress cheap) or books (I'm on vacation, I do more than enough reading during the year), I'm planning to bring my laptop and my Xbox 360 (possibly my PS3, on the fence about that).

It occurred to me that I've been meaning to buy a 1080p monitor, and if it were of a convenient size, when removed from the stand, I might bring it with me if the TVs over there weren't ideal. Of course, doing that, I need to consider in built sound AND the size limitations.

This Asus is what I've gotten my eyes on--it would compliment my 22" Acer well. I'm wondering how the color stands up (that's my biggest complaint about my AL2216W, the colors aren't quite as vivid as they could be, but it is an older monitor, a few years old now).

If people can recommend another comparatively portable monitor, it'd be appreciated. I haven't gone monitor shopping in ages, and haven't looked for one with in-built speakers before.

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  • bobmyknobbobmyknob 3DS Friend Code 4553-9974-2186 Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    Looking at my 24" monitor, I don't see how I'd bring it in a carry-on luggage. Especially if there's an Xbox 360 also in the luggage. I would just bring your laptop that can hopefully play games.

    bobmyknob on
  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    Hmm....good point. I know I can fit my 22" into a suit case (I simply have to remove the base)--this is luggage I'm checking in, not carrying on, if that wasn't clear. I think it would fit though.

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  • MonoxideMonoxide Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited April 2011
    I wouldn't put a monitor in checked luggage on a commercial airline that I wanted to be able to use afterwards, and I certainly wouldn't think it will fit in a carry-on. If you really want to bring it with you, have it shipped UPS or FedEx to your destination.

    Monoxide on
  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    That's a more relevant concern, I imagine. And to repeat, once again, not putting it in a carry-on.

    Yeah, this might not be worth the hassle then. I've shipped things there via freight company before, I might as well use that instead.

    Synthesis on
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