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Authentication problems in OSX

DeicistDeicist Registered User regular
I'm having some weird problems in OSX and wondered if anyone could help.

The basic problem seems to be that OSX can't authenticate to remote systems. As an example, although my Mac is bound to my active directory domain, I can't login with my AD username / password. I've tried numerous 'fixes' for this (unbind / rebind etc) and still can't login. I can't authenticate to a NAS here in the office, or a NAS at home (tried Samba and FTP, still no go) in finder, however using fireftp (the firefox ftp plugin) I can authenticate fine.

If I try to connect to the NAS at work (for example) using cmd-k in finder, it prompts for my username and password then throws up 'invalid username or password'.

I'm trying to connect using afp in this instance, so I've tried a fix I found in an apple knowledgebase article to enable cleartext passwords for afp, but it's still doing the same thing.

I realise these might all be seperate issues, but it seems like there's something fundamentally wrong with username / password checking on this machine.

So, any ideas anyone?

Deicist on


  • iTunesIsEviliTunesIsEvil Cornfield? Cornfield.Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    This is really silly, but have you tried supplying your username as

    The one time I've messed with putting a Mac on a domain'd network, that was what fixed my issue.

    iTunesIsEvil on
  • DeicistDeicist Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    yeah, tried domain\username, domain.local\username even [email protected]

    I've seen reports of issues with .local domains, but they're (allegedly) fixed in recent versions of OSX.

    Deicist on
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