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iTunes store won't accept CC security code *Fixed*

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Basically what it says in the title. I went to update Facebook on my iPhone, and was prompted to sign in to my Apple ID, as per usual. Then it asked for me to sign in again and update my billing information, as apparently I had an outstanding balance from an episode of The Office I downloaded a week ago. So I skim the information, everything on my billing info is exactly as it was before, when it worked properly. I put in my 3-digit security code.

It then tells me that the security code doesn't match my bank's records. Um... okay. I try again. Multiple times. Check my credit card to make sure I have enough credit. Yes, I do. Try the code again. Same issue. Double and triple-check my info to make sure it's all entered correctly. Same issue. Waited a day and tried again. Same issue.

I'm not sure if this is an iTunes issue (which I suspect it is), or a bank issue. Not sure what to do about it! Is there anyway to take off a credit card from an account and enter in a new one? I can't find anything like that. All the while this $3.49 balance is sitting there taunting me!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I Google'd the issue and it seems it's a common problem but I can't find a single fix for it.

edit: Uh... I guess it fixed itself. Alrighty!

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