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Ipod / Itunes sync problem

Mr. Mojo RisinMr. Mojo Risin Registered User regular
edited May 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Ok so here's my problem. I went to sync my ipod the other day and it comes back saying there is an error and it cannot sync, I think to myself no big deal, if the problem continues I'll just restore my ipod and see if that fixes it. So today I'm still having the problem so I decide to do a restore, when I go to restore Itunes informs me that any new items I've purchased and that haven't been synced will be lost and I will have to repurchase those items (about $10-15 I havent synced in quite a while), despite the fact that I have receipts for said items apparently.

Ok then I say to myself I'll just go onto Apples support site and see if I cant sort this out as they were super helpful last time I had a problem. I enter my serial number off my ipod and they inform me that in order to phone the support line I need to pay $30 because my ipod is no longer under warranty. At this point I did a big what the fuck, so basically because my Ipod has developed some weird problem I either need to lose $10-15 worth of apps that I have digital receipts for and are clearly marked in my account or pay $30 to try and fix the problem. Does anyone know if thats true about losing the purchases? It doesnt seem like that can be true what with the receipts and all but Itunes clearly states that I will have to repurchase them.

Mr. Mojo Risin on
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