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101 Superhero Character Ideas

TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
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So you are running a Superhero game but you need some ideas on what to play. Superheroes are, in my opinion, the best characters to design for an RPG. They are fun, quirky and tend to be very powerful. Cool themes always drive a rocking Superhero character. Now I want to see what ODAM's creativity will generate with these 101 Superhero character ideas. These can be used as NPCs or ideas for PCs. I'll start.

1. Mistress Shade

Mistress Shade controls a powerful mysterious energy, granting her the ability to fire powerful beams from her eyes. She can also create energized weapons of various shapes from her hands. The energy field can wrap itself around her, making her hard to detect, providing protection and also allowing her to slip through walls and solids.

2. Relic

He controls the element of stone and marble, able to create sculptures or fling chunks of material. He can also animate stone, creating stone gargoyle-like creatures. Incredibly tough, he’s also extremely strong and powerful.

3. Grim Stalker

The Grim Stalker can turn into a black, oily smoke shape. He usually quickly turns into this form whenever being presented with a physical attack, then reverts back to his normal form to counter. He can also teleport, creating a blast of smoke as he departs and arrives. Regeneration is also present, as the Grim Stalker has recovered from powerful wounds. The Grim Stalker always carries his powerful weapon, a machine gun studded with a variety of gadgets. The most bizarre power of the Grim Stalker, however, is his ability to freeze people into a blackened, smoke-like substance with a touch of his hand.

4. Shinito, The Blind Ninja

A swift and deadly ninja, Shinito possess strange hearing that lets him operate in a radar-like fashion, painting the picture of everything around him. His reflexes and reactions are also extremely fast. He commands a powerful array of martial arts and his sword, a deadly blade, has killed many a foe.

5. Scamp

Scamp has sonic control, allowing him to deafening people with blaring sound and creating blasts.

6. Hero

Hero has the ability to absorb an object’s property, as long as it’s solid. Steel, iron, concrete or stone are all various forms. He usually always carries his trusty crowbar, allowing him to turn to iron if needs be in a split second.

7. Snowflake

Snowflake has the power of cold and ice. She carries a powerful wand that is able to freeze anything with a single touch, inherited from a long line of female ice queens.

8. Man Tank

A hero in the service of the Allies, the Man Tank is a superstrong meta-human able to lift hundreds of tons. In addition, he wears a heavily armored suit equipped with a 155mm cannon and a .50 caliber machine gun. As he's the only one strong enough to wear the suit, designed by the brightest American minds, Man Tank is an unstoppable force on the battlefield against the evil Axis.

9. Phoenix

Granted the power of combustion, Phoenix can cause anything to burst into flames, even himself. Using the heat, Phoenix can fly, create walls of flames or cause objects to explode into fire.

10. Maddog

Maddog, also known as Jules Chamberlain, is an ex-biker with a weird trait, transforming into a deadly werewolf-type creature. In this form, as Maddog, Jules’ strength is multiplied along with his quickness and toughness. His rabid bite can cause people to become sick and faint and his powerful sharp claws can rip through most anything. Maddog’s howl can also cripple hearing senses. Maddog possess all the acute senses of a dog; ultra-hearing, scent, and the ability to see in the dark. In Jules’ normal form, he is abnormally tough and strong.

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  • Grid SystemGrid System Registered User
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    11. Singularity

    Gravity is his plaything. He can levitate himself and others, and fly by "falling" towards his destination. In a fight, he subdues his opponents by using their own masses against them.

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  • InxInx Registered User regular
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    12: Menagerie
    Menagerie has a deep connection with nature, allowing him to transform into any animal currently living on the planet. To do so, he petitions the spirits of each animal he wishes to transform into. He then transforms into the spiritual representation of the animal, which tends to be larger, stronger, and overall somewhat amplified from the average of its species.

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    These are all characters I've created for City Of Heroes/Villains. They've mostly got a ton of backstory but I'll try to keep it simple.


    13. Scooter

    A mutant with the control of red force fields, he uses this power rather offensively to create energy blasts and weapons. He can step onto an energy field which he can 'scoot' around on at high speeds, giving him his nickname. Glory hound and celebrity superhero superstar.

    14. Ms. Judgment

    Once a pacifist high tech medic (named Battle Medic) who served heroes in the field, she was captured by a neo nazi group and held for several weeks, where 'mistreatment' doesn't begin to cover it. After she was freed she showed signs of Multiple Personality Disorder, and Ms. Judgment was born; a dark, heavily armed vigilante who takes no prisoners, and brings criminals down by any means.

    15. Nordic Golem

    Once a blacksmith in a Nordic village, Smior angered the cheiftain's son, who tricked Smior into forging him a magical axe, which he then used on the smith. Smior was turned into a golem of rock, forced to obey the orders of whoever controlled his axe. The axe was buried, found, sold on the black market, and eventually recovered by a team of heroes. When the correct words are spoken, the silent Nordic Golem appears to take and deal punishment with his great strength and control over the earth.

    16. Sable Spirit

    A mutant, born with blue skin from birth, Heather Clays always wanted to be a hero. When her telepathy and strange dark telekinesis manifested at puberty, she jumped into the fray. Unfortunatly, she didn't cut it. But just as she was about to give up, she met Sabelion, an alien searching for redemption for her terrible crimes. Merging together, Sable Spirit is now more powerful than ever, with telepathy, energy blasts, and even shapeshifting.

    17. Shining Spirit

    Heather's 'big' twin sister, Helen always looked out for her. Although she was no mutant, she trained to become a police officer, to follow Heather as best she could. Much to her surprise, her teacher at the martial arts dojo where she trained was a former hero. Seeing her spirit, determination and latent power, he gave her several of his artifacts; a set of bracelets and a tiara. Worn together, the bracelets give increased strength and speed, while the tiara provides mental clarity and extraordinary regenerative powers. Now Helen puts boot to head alongside her sister.

    18. Aegis Phantom

    A Japanese Disciple of the Path of the Living Light, Disciple being her only known name, this woman has the ability to summon 'light elementals' and use light as if it were solid. She can craft light into shields and weapons and blind her opponents. She's taken a break from her training to fight dark magic wherever it appears as a hero.

    19. Alraune

    A legendary Germanic archer, Alraune was granted a spot among the ranks of the Valkyries for her bravery on Earth. She never forgot where she came from, however, and often pushed for the freedom to fight again on Earth with her new sisters. Eventually she pushed too far, and was blinded, bound with chains made by the fire giants, and banished to Midgard. Someone must have agreed with her however; she gained control over flame, and despite her blindness, can still fire her arrows with uncanny accuracy.

    20. War Smith

    An engineer for a military weapons lab, Warren Smith was saved by his work one day when mercenaries invaded the lab and killed all the workers. Taking a prototype suit of armor, he fought off the invaders and went on to bring them to justice. The heavy armor brings nigh-invulnerabilty, has energy-charged fists, and jump rockets for jumping far distances (unfortunately, weight makes flight impossible).

    21. Mystic Torch

    A fire elemental summoned by dark mystics, but uncontrolled, he burned them and took his freedom. He appears as a large suit of medival armor, inside of which is only fire. The armor burns at the touch, and he enjoys making swords and other weapons of flame. He is however very non-nonsense for a fire elemental, and currently works to the aid of heroic mystics.

    22. Wild Wild Wind

    A bankrobbing, trainchasing cowgirl of the 1800's, Wild was caught in a sandstorm and vanished. She appeared again in the desert in the modern age, showing none of the usual signs of life, pale white skin, pure black hair, and the power to summon dark storms and winds. With no memory of what happened to her, she spends her time fighting supervillains for the fun of it.

    23. Fire Wire

    A fire-controlling mutant who was killed during an alien invasion, Kelly Winters was a volunteer for an experimental military program. Her body was revived with extreme use of cybernetics, replacing almost 75% of her body, including both arms, an eye, and her skin, with metal. Her fire powers were greatly reduced, but made up for with new electric blaster units in her new arms. These days she keeps busy with heroics, distracting herself from what's happened to her body.

    24. Pirate Polly

    Polly Winters (yes, an ancestor of Kelly) was the Lara Croft of the pirate age. Unfortunately, she stole the wrong artifact from the wrong central american native cult, and was cursed with eternal undeath. Now a ghost, solid only so long as she concentrates, she fights magical supervillains, hoping she'll eventually find an end to this half-life one way or the other.

    I'll get to villains later sometime.

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  • INeedNoSaltINeedNoSalt with blood on my teeth Registered User regular
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    25. The Acronym Series

    The Acronym Series of Combat Ready Assault Robots are produced by Keitel Corporation using a Controlled Artificial Intelligence design perfected in late 2004. Acronym Series 'bots have human-level sentience and awareness, but are hard-coded to be 'good'; as such, they must use nonlethal force when possible, must abide by all laws when possible, and must never cause unavoidable damage. 'When possible' is a necessary modifier, however, as Acronym 'bots often find themself in harms way and must protect themselves effectively to serve alongside superheroes.

    Acronym 'bots are often equipped with force-field control energy technology, flamethrowers, or assault weaponry (generally with rubber bullets.) Acronym 'bots are powered by contained nuclear reactors.

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  • OctobotOctobot Registered User regular
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    26. Feedback
    A mutant who has the ability to emit whatever kinetic energy they absorb.

    27. Dreamer
    A small girl possesed by a powerfull entity who manifests itself only when she is in a trance-like dreamwalking state.

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  • guruslothgurusloth Registered User regular
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    28. Spectrum
    This hero has 7 different powers, corresponding to the ROY G BIV colors in the visible spectrum of light, and he can only use one power at a time, during which his costume changes colors to match the color corresponding to the power he is using.

    29. Fastball
    A major league pitcher who discovers the ability to summon and hurl different ball-sized attack projectiles.

    30. Totem
    This hero has increased physical abilities representative of the totem animals associated with her tribal heritage. (ex. Native American - strength of the buffalo, speed of the mustang, can soar like an eagle, etc.)

    31. Evo
    A mutant who gains new abilities by repeatedly subjecting himself to hazards which would require that ability to survive. (ex. if he wants to learn how to fly, he has to jump off of cliffs a lot; if he wants to gain more phyical toughness, he has to get beat up a lot by increasingly stronger guys, etc.)

    32. Sympath
    A psychic who has the unfortunate side effect of causing everyone around her to exhibit the same emotions as she does.

    33. Armament
    A war veteran, having lost an arm in combat, is given a second chance to serve his country in a new super-soldier program which enhances his natural speed and reflexes and replaces his missing limb with an advanced cybernetic prosthetic.

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    Here's a couple from CoH:

    34. Glaciater

    A brilliant scientist specializing in the field of cryogenics, the man who would become Glaciater discovered that the corporation he was working for was using the technology he developed to build illegal weaponry. So he stole one of their powered armor suits and heavily modified it to fight the people responsible and bring them to justice. His armor's primary weapon is based on his cryogenic research, enabling him to project beams of intense cold. The armor also provides him with flight, enhanced strength, and other defensive systems.

    35. SFX(named Phantom FX in game)

    A Japanese girl who is both a brilliant engineer and a long-time movie buff. She used her intelligence to get into the entertainment industry, and became renowned for her ingenuity in both visual and sound effects. Her life forever changed when she lost both arms during a villain's rampage. She got them both replaced by advanced cybernetic arms, and then used her technical genius to install within them her most advanced illusory and sonic technologies.

    And one more original one:

    36. Surge

    A rake-thin mutant with a super-charged metabolism. He can possess incredible levels of strength, speed, and durability, but it all must be fueled by food. The more calories he can intake before a fight, the more powerful he becomes. He always makes sure to carry a bag filled with energy drinks and power bars with him at all times.

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  • SUPERSUGASUPERSUGA Registered User regular
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    37. The Steam Doctor

    Dr. Enderweisz was one of the most brilliant minds in Germany in the 19th Century. A key figure in both engineering and medicine, towards the end of his life he was drawn into the Occult to further satiate his desire for knowledge and ambition to live forever and witness man's progress into the distant future. One of his early prototypes, a steam powered exoskeleton, designed to allow cripped men to walk again, would eventually become his new body. Soon after his supposed death it was revealed that although his body had been cremated he had found a way to live on inside his old invention. The ritual has left Enderwiesz as a maddened soul, though, and he sees his new form as the natural progression of mankind. His intention is to transfer the souls of every worthy human into similar suits.

    38. Red Comet

    Of unknown origin, the being known only as Red Comet descended from the skies in the 1960s. Posessing the powers of supersonic flight, near invulnrability and heightened senses Red Comet never utters a word or explains a single action. To some he is a hero who is here to protect the Earth from disaster and to some he is a lurking menace that will one day wipe out humanity or lead the way for an invasion of his people. His actions to nothing to strengthen either of these viewpoints. One day he may be rescuing you from a fire and the next snatching you away without explanation. Enigmatic and prone to long periods of absense.

    39. Butcher the Giant

    The Pro-Wrestler who went by the ring-name of Butcher the Giant eventually became that which he had been pretending to be for years. It was always suspected that he had gone insane but his in-ring performances meant his employers saw no reason to speak up. After voulenteering to test an unpredictable new type of steroid-like drug Butcher literally became a giant, standing around twelve feet tall and almost as broad. After smashing apart the lab and taking the remaining stock of the new drug with him Butcher hasn't been seen since, but his path of destruction is clear to see, hitting medical labs across the country.

  • HorseshoeHorseshoe Registered User regular
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    40. Psycho -- A former soldier and military test subject, Hank Garza was irreparably damaged by experimental mind control drugs. His body is gaunt and severly impaired, but his brain has become a lethal weapon. He has the ability to read thoughts and damage his opponents with powerful psychic blasts.

    41. Dreamer -- Though a tragic accident has rendered his body into a vegetative state, John Fawkes' mind is as keen as ever. He is able to move about the world in an astral body, connected to his physical form by an ethereal "umbilical cord". To John, the world is now like a dream, and he the dreamer... a place where he is able to do things that were unimaginable when he was confined to his physical form.

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  • TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
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    42. Snake

    Has two very strong bio-metal “cords” that shoot out of his wrists. These use their own strength to lift something or someone. Therefore he can lift very heavy objects with them. The two “snakes” can also regenerate and have a biting head on the end.

    43. Electro

    He can shutdown electricity and drain the power out of electric objects. He can also fire beams of electricity and travel along electrical power conduits.

    44. Mimic

    Can make himself appear as any object or person he has seen before. Can also create small holographic images.

    45. Shadow

    He can turn invisible but still can be picked up via radar and infra-red. Can also cause himself to be as flat as a shadow, allowing him to slip into almost any crack.

    46. Troll

    Troll can change himself from a human to a 10-foot tall behemoth that is very tough and strong.

    47. Sticker

    Creates a glue-like substance in his body. He can shoot it from his hands or mouth. He can also coat it on his body to stick to walls and objects.

    48. Hawk Boy

    José Juego was born with strange, bird-like wings that folded tight along his back. Powerful talons grew on his fingers and he possessed keen sight and hearing. He is extremely agile and able to fly.

    49. DJ Skiddles

    Part of the Musical Skares, DJ Skiddles listened to a lot of rap music. Too much rap music. He has the ability to project music out of any speaker within a hundred feet of him. Usually blasting his own ryhmes while fighting heroes, DJ Skiddles uses a powerful bass blast to knock people on their feet and deafen them. He carries two Desert Eagles and lots of bling.

    50. Renegade

    The ringleader of the Musical Skares, Renegade is also the leader of the Glow Goons syndicate, a criminal organizations born out of organized trance raves. He can fire powerful blasts of focused trance light out of his hands; these are able to punch through solid steel. He is also able to cause victims to enter a hypnotic trance if they gaze into his eyes which dance and flash with color.

    51. The Dubliner An Irish prizefighter that took on the mantle of The Dubliner, this hero can teleport short distances instantly. He posses a fair amount of strength and agility, letting him quickly rain blows on an enemy and teleporting away before they can react.

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    I did a short-lived webcomic in college called the Adventures of DeVryGuy and then restarted it as Ultimate DeVryGuy, some of the teriterry characters included other college Superheroes, like Scarlet and Grey, defenders of the Ohio State University

    52. Scarlet
    Real Name: Kaitlyn Sloan
    Age: 21
    Powers: Fire-based powers. She can create blasts of fire, can control mundane fires, is immune to environmental cold, and can attempt to suffocate her enemy by burning off the oxygen in the air. Scarlet lost her legs in an accident at childhood, and in her teen years invented a set of prosthetic legs giving her mobility back. She can make great leaps as a result. She does not expose her legs in or out of costume (She is always wearing jeans when in civvys, and her costume covers her legs completely)
    Physical Description: Her pale skin is offset by fiercly red hair. When she feels an emotion intensly, her hair becomes a living wisp of red flame, because of this, she must maintain very careful control of her emotions in a public setting.

    53. Grey
    Real Name: Brian Sloan
    Age: 19
    Powers: Psychic and Telekenetic Powers. Grey specializes in defense by providing force fields for his allies and slowing the enemy without actively attacking. He has a limited ability to fly, but it is taxing (requires intense mental concentration to remain aloft) and he generally prefers his car.
    Physical Description: Brian is a big believer in only using his powers when its necessary, and as a result has not allowed his telekenetic abilities to foster laziness. He is extremly athletic, and since coming to college has discovered he is "so all about" ultimate frisbee.

    Story behind the two: They think they are mutants, but they aren't exactly sure. All they really know is that when they were 11 and 9, Kaitlyn's fire powers manifested and set their family's home ablaze, killing their parents and crippling Kaitlyn. It was only through Brian's telekenetic abilites and kaitlyn willing the fire down that they were able to escape with their lives. They inherited a small fortune, which Kaitlyn put into fostering her desire to learn and tinkering with various inventions, eventually resulting in her prosthetic legs.

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    What an intriguing idea for a thread...
    You know what we need more of? Meddling robots from the future/another dimension! C'mon, those bastards are two a penny!

    54. Emissary

    Officially designated by his creators as Nohnteus II, Emissary is a synthetic diplomatic representative from a distant alien species. However during his absence they were all wiped out by some god-awful catastrophe. Go figure.
    Age: Something close to twenty-seven million years, although he spent much of that in non-operational stasis.
    Powers: Epidermal shapeshifting (must match rough outline of his inner chassis). Incredible mental processing power and near-perfect reflexes, manifests as something akin to precognition. Technopath- can communicate with and control any reasonably advanced machinery. Superhuman resilience- ludicrously strong and tough.

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  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
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    55. Mister Hectomy
    Mister Hectomy has the ability to completely sterilize the womb of any woman in his visual range through the cunning use of psychic powers and horribly hideous looks.

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  • Dex DynamoDex Dynamo Registered User regular
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    56. Doc Cybrosis

    A silver age mad doctor, he was head of the CYBER SQUAD, consisting of himself and his robotic wonders. Now, in a world full of superscience, he attempts to keep the wonderful technologies he ushered in from falling into the wrong hands.

    57. Gerald "Bio" Cyrosinki

    Brother to Ben Cyrosinki, Dr. Cybrosis, Ben was killed in a car wreck, and transformed into a bio-mechanical android, capable of "rewiring" his body to connect any body part to himself as one of the first members of the Cyber Squad. He resented his brother ever since, and on several occasions, attempted to kill him.

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  • Marblehead JohnsonMarblehead Johnson Registered User
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    60. Cinderblock

    A man composed of a tough, gray stone, and capable of heaving himself up to several thousand degrees, burning all those he touches. Fairly straightforward, I use him as a dangerous brick when necessary.

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    61. Absolute Zero

    Due to rising threat of super crime and villainy which threatens the lives of billions of people, including the people who live in the nation of Canada. The spirits of the Great White North have imbued on someone the power to control the element of frost. Capable of projecting a stream of freezing cold that renders villains incapable

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  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
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    All villains, but I'll take a crack

    62. Manifest Destiny - Aaron Deblin is a young scientist whose experiments in density manipulation have given him the ability to drastically alter the density of his body. He can become insubstantial, which also renders him nearly invisible to all but the most trained eye, or he can drastically increase his mass. He has only used this ability to become harder than diamond, but he speculates that by concentrating his power enough, he may be able to become a living black hole. He was always an idealist and dreams of a perfect world of peace and prosperity, but his power has driven him to try to create this utopia by any means necessary.

    63. Tether - Haley O'Connell was born to a junkie mother, and a rare mutation adapted her body in a curious way. She was born immune to the poison her mother injected and after puberty developed thin quills on her fingers. These quills can be fired and regenerate nearly instantly. Anyone hit with a quill is subjected to a powerful and addictive narcotic. Tether can issue mental commands to anyone under the effect of the drug, but even those on whom the drug has worn off know that she is their only source for the drug. Haley built a criminal empire by creating an army of nearly a hundred junkies and selling a diluted form of her drug. She especially relishes addicting and enslaving former heroes and counts 3 of her old nemesis among her menagerie of bodyguards.

    64. Bloodlust - A young shy boy with healing powers among a group of super-teens, Carver Green a.k.a. Medic, was often seen as either at best a support player and at worst a hostage in waiting. After he used his power to kill instead of heal, saving his comrades from the wrath of The Unspeakable by stopping the villain's heart, he was kicked off the team. He became increasingly sullen, but soon realized his power was not to heal or even merely to harm, but that he could manipulate flesh in any way he imagined. His hurt and mad sense of newfound power led him to become the villain Bloodlust. His power allows him to shapeshift, heal himself, mutilate any living thing he can see, and provides a genius level intellect. His power has no effect on the dead.

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    A few more, this time heroes...

    65. Dustbunny - Lynn Faire had it all. She was head cheerleader at a prestigious private school, dating an all-state center for the basketball team, and on her way to her choice of Ivy League schools. Then her peculiar ability manifested. Lynn became a dust magnet overnight; dirt and dust clings to her in a puffy coat that radiates 2 to 3 feet off of her body. She ran away to the city, hiding until she was found by a group of heroes that took her in. Too embarressed to return home, but wanting to help those who took her in, Lynn discovered that she can control dust in a limited degree, shooting it out to blind and scour villains who would stand in her way. The dust also provides excellent armor, deflecting and redirecting most blows. With intense concentration, she can disburse it for a small period of time.

    66. Aura - A human born in an alternate future where he is the last of the human race, Jordan Teller never knew the Earth even existed. His parents were the pilots of a bio-ship that had sustained the fleeing remnants of mankind for over 500 hundred years. Jordan was found and raised by the Solanar, a race of telepathic aliens, after piloting the vessel on his own for 3 years after the death of his parents. Adopting the aliens war-ravaged home world as his own, Jordan became a hero to the Solanar, developing an incredible battle suit and leading the final battle against the oppresive regime that had held the Solanar down for years. Turning down an offer to rule, Jordan instead began researching what happened to his own race. Figuring out that a galactic calamity in 2008 destroyed the Earth, Jordan travels back in time to try to save the Earth. Christened "Aura" by the press, Jordan led Earth's heroes in a hard fought victory against the Lattri, the malevolent race that destroyed Earth in his timeline. Aura now finds himself in a world that is his own, but that he doesn't understand. Aura is telepathic, though he can only communicate mentally and read surface thoughts. His suit grants him near Superman level strength and durability along with the ability to fly. The suit emits a faint glow that radiates a pulsating light green aura around his body.

    67. Maxwell Cross - Maxwell Cross is one of the most unlikely of heroes. A former musician and poet who drifted from job to job, Maxwell had no idea that his wife was descended from the legendary Van Helsings. While Max was at work, his beautiful Sandra was hunting the night. The clues may have been obvious to anyone else, the battle scars, the odd hours, but Max was armed with a particular blessing and curse, the power of disbelief. His mind wrote off everything that would let him know something was amiss. It was only when his wife turned up at the doorstep mortally wounded, were Max's eyes opened to the world of the supernatural. Sandra explained to Max who she was, and that she was the last of her line. Max, lost in emotion and not quite believing what he was hearing, pledged to continue her work. Maxwell now hunts all manner of vampires, werewolves, monsters, and demons, using only his wit, charm, and a variety of gadgets of his own devising (holy water hand grenades, a flashlight with a cross attached to the lens) to accompany Sandra's traditional hunting gear (crossbow, stakes, a silver sword that never dulls). His disbelief gives him an immunity to magic and he is helped and trained by a friend of his wife's, an ex-fallen angel named Grom.

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  • AcidSerraAcidSerra Registered User regular
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    I guess I could contribute a few.

    68. Flowtwist - Floe Erickson was a Junior at the somewhat less than prestigious Eloy High School. It was a warm summer day, the only kind in Southern Arizona, when she had her first impreession, a kind of certain knowledge that something was going to happen, exactly 13 seconds later it did. That event was her brother being hit by a bus. Floe began a crusade at that point, to stop terrible things from happening to people by being ready for that thirteen second window. The unfortunate downsiade of this is that she is quickly coming to realise that time dislikes a tamperer, and it works somewhat differently than all her favorite sci-fi books would lead her to believe. In fact Floe, under the alias Flowtwist, has accidentaly set in motion the events she has forseen more often than she has prevented them. Coming to believe herself cursed she went into hiding hoping to avoid people and the pain she was inadvertantly causing. This was succesful for about 3 years, while she hid in a small cottage in the middle of the Adirondack mountains. Still she was unable to remain in hiding forever, a powerful voice has tortured her in her dreams and called to her a place, Herrinton, Massachusetts. She has finally returned to civilization, though now only as an observer.

    69. Gilgamesh - History Professor Lloyde K. Kertan was once a fairly ordinary man, content to read the latest reports from archeologists in the field and share his love of history with his many students. One day while studying over an old Sumerian scroll detailing the legend of their great king, Gilgamesh, it mentioned the existance of previously unknown cave where in Gilgamesh had received a weapon of great power. When he tried to confirm his findings with a friend in Harvard's Archeology department the writing was mysteriously missing form the scroll. Determined to solve this puzzle he set out himself for the banks of the Euphrates river in modern day Bahgdad. Despite the devestation around him he maintained his resolve to find the artifact leading him nearly to the Syrian border, far in the North. Here his jeep fell, literally, through the desert floor into a massive cavern, at the far end of which was a simple copper dagger. The vessel in which lay the sould of the long dead king of Sumer, Gilgamesh himself. The two men and minds melded, allowing the legendary Gilgamesh to walk freely once more on the face of the Earth. He returned to Lloyde's home town of Herrinton, Mass. a few weeks later. Finally he would carry out the final mission on which he had been commissioned so many millenia earlier.

    70. Diamond Eye - Deseire Montague was born into a wealthy family that encouraged her desire to engage in activities such as rock climbing and sky diving. Unfortunately Deseire became a true adrenaline junkie in her teen years, performing stunts that would make Keneival himslef watch in horror and fear. Of course none of this would have led to anything more than a nationally televised early death if it hadn't been for the mugger who had thought her an easy target. That poor unlucky bastard found himself sleeping it off in the hospital for a few months and Deseire awoke with a new passion. She now threw herself into the work of a vigilante, the ultimate rush, taking down criminals in their own territory, and perhaps saving a few people while she was at it. Operating on the razors edge of danger and legality, she secretly began to by and modify military level gear, dragon skin armor, a specially modified MP5 capable of firing larger 10mm less-than-lethal rounds, and a state of the art secure communications network uplink, into a pure white unifrom that would both mask her identity and leave a lasting symbol with the scum she now hunted.

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  • 3mp3r0r3mp3r0r Registered User
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    71: God in the Machine - At the tender age of 6 Trevor Rockwell gained the power of complete control over any machine with moving parts. At his high school prom he was arested by a superhuman control agency called f.l.a.g. after he lost control of his powers and caused a 30 car crash on the free way. he rotted in a secret federal facilaty for several years, having thousands of tests run on him. he finally escaped after absorbing enough high tech weponry in to his body to build a small fleet of tanks. he's on the run fleeing from the agency.

    72: Abyss - A true enigma Abyss contains a black hole in his chest wich alows him to control gravity, radiation, and light. Abyss came to this world when a experimental rocket returned to earth after a 500 day orbit around a asteroid. No one is aware of Abyss's origions. he has been wandering throught asia searching for a man named Yon Wai.

    3mp3r0r on
  • Marblehead JohnsonMarblehead Johnson Registered User
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    73. Diamond

    At the age of nine, Diana Richmond was involved in a three-car pileup with a drunk driver while on the way home from a birthday party. Her father was killed, her mother was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, and Diana herself had to have all of her extremeties removed in order to save her life. For months, she was confined to a hospital bed while she healed, and it was more than a year before she was able to walk short distances on her own with the help of crutches and artificial plastic legs. It was many years later at her home when she was heading up the stairs, one of her crutches gave way, and she started to tumble backwards... and saved herself by reaching out and grabbing the railing. She stared at her stump, not seeing an arm, and yet clearly feeling the railing, and pulling herself back up.... LONG STORY SHORT: Telekinetic limbs. Invisible, and thus extremely easy to hide. Her disguise is Trinity-esque leathers, and her limbs, being made of pure thought, are nearly limitless in strength and durability, which she uses to protect her fragile body. When she returns home, her invisible limbs vanish, and she resumes her life of the poor little crippled girl.

    74. Demon Hunter

    He is posessed of two remarkable abilities, but the only drawback is he can only have ONE active at a time... invisibility, or invincibility. A large, athletic black male in his mid thirties, he discovered the power of invincibility in his teenage years, when he survived a football tackle that SHOULD have snapped his neck like a twig. The invisibility he discovered later on, as well as discovering that while invisible, he was quite vulnerable to damage, which he found out when he was shot while getting caught in the crossfire of a liquor-store robbery. With time his skill has grown, and he now acts as the long, scary arm of the law, using his invisiblity to gain entry to the most secure criminal hideouts in the world, and then becoming visible and laying the allmighty smackdown with swords, guns, and fists (he is usually armed to the teeth). The police tolerate his assistance, since he is responsible for a significant reduction in organized crime on the West Coast.

    Marblehead Johnson on
    Magus` wrote: »
    It's human nature to derive meaning from that something that actually lacks it in order to suit your goals.

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  • Mr PinkMr Pink I got cats for youRegistered User regular
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    75. The Human Battery

    Hat Billbrid was a normal, 9-5 office slave, until lightning struck him and a copier on the top floor of his office building. Barely surviving, he noticed that as he healed, various electronic devices around him would turn off, and that batteries would become empty within minutes of touching him. Over time he figured our how to draw in more and more power from things around him, and eventually release the charge in a large scale 'static shock'. He has to moderate his power, however, as absorbing too much energy will overload his body.

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  • The_LightbringerThe_Lightbringer Registered User regular
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    76. Pandora

    For as long as mankind remembers, visitors from the stars have come to our planet to try to lay waste to it and proclaim themselves rulers. However each and every attempt has been foiled by a secret organization dedicated to the defense of humanity. Inevitably, there may be some alien villains whose powers and abilities are incredible and took a massive effort to take down. Rather than simply slay these creatures they are instead trapped into a mystical dimension by a powerful magic crystal. Also, whoever possess the crystal may call upon any alien being and take on it's form, and gain it's powers and abilities.

    77. Legacy

    In every few generations there is born a being of immense power, charisma and wisdom who will help lead humanity better themselves and enter a golden age of reason and peace. These individuals after their demise are transported to a realm of great beauty and grandeur to await a time when the end times begin and their assistance will be required to safeguard the innocent and uphold justice. On one individual they have bestowed upon them an ability to call down heroes whenever a crisis occurs. Such heroes include King Arthur, Gilgamesh, Charlemange, Guan Yung, Rama, etc...

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  • FierceDeity666FierceDeity666 Registered User
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    78. Dynamix

    16 year old Randy Dowling was a massive mech nerd. WH40k, Gundam, Dynamic Productions, Battletech, you name it, if it had giant robots, Randy knew and loved it.
    One day, a mysterious crystal fell from space and slammed into his forehead. When Randy woke up, he was encased in a huge version of the crystal.

    Extracting everything that Randy knew from his mind, the crystal changed it's form into that which it had the most data on: a mecha-based suit of powered armor. Featuring everything from fin funnels to bolters to eyebeams to particle cannons, the suit was the ultimate amalgam of robot weaponry. Randy came to the(to him) obvious conclusion that his destiny was to defend the Earth from villainy, and took the(blood-curdlingly terrible pun) name of Dynamix!

    79: Mimi

    Mimi is an odd little 9-year old girl. Timid, sad and generally depressing to be around, she was born without any arms or limbs, leaving her as an immobile torso. She also has the interesting power of local matter manipulation, which allows her to take pieces of the environment around her and form them into limbs.

    This usually means she has giant limbs made of rock, metal and dirt and stands 12 feet tall and looks like she's piloting a golem, with her small head sticking out of a giant humanoid mass of random materials. She uses this ability to make sure that people know to just leave her alone. A dark character, obviously.

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  • DeVryGuyDeVryGuy Registered User
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    Here's a Supervillain idea I'm going to use in my upcoming M&M game:

    80. Lamb of God (Or just Lamb)
    Lamb is a religious zealot who is devout in his belief that superpowers are the devil's trickery and an affront to God. He possesses no super powers himself, but has trained his body and mind to near perfection and can hold his own in a fight. He will do anything to take down supers, after all, God will forgive him.

    Sample Super-Villainous Monologue: "Perhaps you've heard the story of Icarus? He made wings of wax so that he could fly, but when he flew too close to the sun, to God, his wings melted and he plummeted to the ground. Your 'powers' are the Devil's attempt to take power away from the Lord, our God, and I am here as His humble servant to melt your sinful wings."

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  • Evil MultifariousEvil Multifarious Registered User regular
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    In the religious vein:

    81. The Prophet. An imposing man with suspiciously Biblical powers - he can call down plagues on limited areas, part water or walk on it, alter objects in the traditional ways - staves to snakes, water to wine, etc - and most dangerously, he has incredibly powerful suggestive oratory, bordering on mind control, and seems to be able to come back to life. Mostly dangerous because he makes innocents into fanatics, and because he can convince people that he is a messiah.

    82. Mr. Ection: Has dimensional distortion powers, able to switch the X, Y and Z all around so you end up instead of down. His powers can, with concentration and repeated application, have a semi-permanent effect, so that his base of operations is like an Escher painting. He also has a top hat. Name shamelessly stolen from Mister Hectomy.

    83. Ward: Has only one real power, but it's a good one: he is utterly and completely invincible. He can't be injured at all. He can't age, he can't die, he can't starve or drown or suffocate or whatever. However, he has no super strength or super speed besides that which comes with being able to strain your muscles without fear of injury. I would imagine his invincibility comes with limitless stamina. He is theoretically going to last as long as the universe. His greatest fear is being thrown into space, or buried alive, or encased in cement and dropped in the ocean. He's also not pleased at the thought of being stuck on Earth when the sun goes nova.

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    I fucking hate you Canadians.
  • OtakuD00DOtakuD00D Can I hit the exploding rocks? San DiegoRegistered User regular
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    84. Collateral Damage Man: He gets the job done, and he gets it done well. Fuck the consequences. He has all sorts of really amazing powers that cause widespread destruction. Oh, sure, Joe Everyman hates the ever living shit out of him, but at least he makes the world a safer place. Sorta.

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  • GoodOmensGoodOmens Registered User regular
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    These are character's I've used in CoH:
    85. Overunity: An alien composed of organic metal, he can absorb any form of energy and, incredibly, release more than he absorbs. A living perpetual motion machine. Deeply inhuman in personality.

    86. CHAR 451: The Crey Heuristic Assault Robot, Model #451, has a new pyro-accelerator unit that can achieve a peak ignition temperature of 6500K in an incredble 13 ms! Covered with ablative, titanium/magnesium armor, the 451 model can burn through any opposition.

    87. Diamond Dawn: A former action movie queen, Dawn Jennings was almost killed when gangsters working for a rival studio gave an extra on set a real gun during a shootout scene. Dawn's power manifested spontaneously, as sheets of rock encased her body, deflecting the bullets. Her movie career is over, but she remains in the spotlight as a hero.

    88. The Undisputed Champion: Former pro-wrestler Eric "The Vitruvian Man" Jennings (Dawn's cousin) became a crimefighter when his friend and in-ring rival Diablo X was kidnapped by unknown mystics. Eric decided that it's better to fight real evil than fake. With only his strength, speed, and attitude, the Champ is here to lay an almight smackdown.

    89. Zakeil: Angel of the storm, with various electricity based powers.

    90. StarShriek: Her mutant gene manifested with an unusual second voicebox, which created sound waves of much lower frequency but high intensity, that can actually warp the fabric of space-time nearby. She can control gravity as well as use sound waves as shields and for concussive blasts. Unfortunately, these powers first manifested when she was singing in the shower one day...and imploded her house.

    91. Isotope X: A university professor who, while conducting research on a rare, super-dense chemical of unknown origin, caused a massive explosion. Her body changed and now metabolizes radiation, which required her to wear a special containment suit to avoid contaminating the area around her. However, it does allow her to channel the radiation into clouds and beams.

    And my favorite villain:
    Dr. Lobotomy: A former psychiatrist stripped of his license for horrible practices, the good Dr. has taken to eating the brains of supers in order to enhance his mental abilities. Recently, he had the top of his skull removed, and now simply grafts others' brain material onto his own. Currently his mental power (estimated IQ 314) has reached a point where he can project beams of crippling psychic energy. I swear, I started this guy long before Sylar on Heroes.

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    A simply Narrator for Science movies shown to high schoolers who's life got turned upside down. Everything he says happens. If he were too sya, "3 giant monkeys came down and fought each other to the death before me" it would happen. Unfortunately, if he ever contradicts himself, his body will slowly melt and he will only have 24 hours to get the cure. For those 24 hours, his powers are gone, and the cure is...

    *insert rare made up sub-stance or really crappy movie that you can't find anymore here*

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    The main rub is that, fuck, I'm already paying some to upgrade the length... why not pay a little bit more to upgrade the length AND width?
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    Senor Fish wrote: »
    A simply Narrator for Science movies shown to high schoolers who's life got turned upside down. Everything he says happens. If he were too sya, "3 giant monkeys came down and fought each other to the death before me" it would happen. Unfortunately, if he ever contradicts himself, his body will slowly melt and he will only have 24 hours to get the cure. For those 24 hours, his powers are gone, and the cure is...

    *insert rare made up sub-stance or really crappy movie that you can't find anymore here*

    You are officially my favorite super hero maker ever!

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  • JCMJCM Registered User
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    Characters Ive played-

    93. Bud.

    Lies around all day wayching sports, and can ccontrol sound. Bis burp can decimate an entire city.

    94. Mercury

    Controls liquid mercury, can decimate entire armies.

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  • JacquesCousteauJacquesCousteau Registered User regular
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    95. OffWire

    Since awakening in his midteens, OffWire has had the ability to give temporary life to electrical devices through touch. Unfortunately, the objects, as they have no senses, tend to go wild and destroy themselves or cause other damage. This drawback has made OffWire an outcast and he seeks to control his powers further so he might take back his former life.

    JacquesCousteau on
  • ShaneKregerShaneKreger Registered User new member
    96. HotRod:

    An Ex-Runner, ( Markus Peterson ), who always stayed in the back of the races was injected with steroids and given super powers of ultra speed and flaming limbs. The only reason his limbs heat up are from reaching speeds up to 400 miles per hour. But his steroids also gave him great strength. But not too over powered.

    97. Frostbite:

    Born at the depths of the forest, Heather Miller was given super powers of freezing any thing she needs to freeze although she goes in a deep slumber in the summer, practically anti-hibernation.

    Bonus: Villan: Colorize:

    Raised in the jungle with chameleons, she was left for dead by her chameleon family she vowed to kill every person who betrayed her, who she thinks is everyone in the world. She can change color and even teleport to anywhere within a miles radius.

  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    98) Doctor Delicious- He's a crazy candy man who has a weapon called a Suger Ray Gun, which turns things into sweet treats. He also drives the Candy Van and has Gummy Bear minions. He dreams of being the next Willy Wonka. I just like the name.

  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS Registered User regular
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    99) Poe - A dark hero with the power to warp the minds of others, twisting them with fear and shadowy illusions. Known for sulking in the dark alone and talking to black-feathered birds. When forced to be social constantly muses about death and asks for you to read his/her bad poetry. Always ends a battle with the phrase "Nevermore."

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  • archangel711archangel711 Registered User new member
    do you guys mind if i use some of these in a story im writing?

  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
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    100) Ghost Detective- A P.I who died in the 1930s, is brought back to life in modern times. Except now he can see the ghost of women who have died in some terrible way. Each woman's ghost takes the form of her death, like a woman burned to death would be a fire spirit, and being close to the Ghost Detective gives him similar powers. He tries to solve the cases of the woman's deaths to help them find peace.

    Just one more and we have 101 Superheroes!

    Grunt's Ghosts on
  • GoodOmensGoodOmens Registered User regular
    Most of these are from City of Heroes:

    101: Isotope-X: A researcher in high-energy physics at Paragon City University, she received a sample of a strange, hyper-dense substance from an unknown person. Upon showering it with neutrinos, there was a massive explosion. When she recovered, it was discovered that he metabolism had changed so that she both receives nourishment, and exudes, radiation. She has learned to shape this into beams of force, as well as creating terrifying hallucinations in the minds of her enemies with carefully modulated frequencies. However, she is also forced to live in a containment suit at all time.

    102: Sgt. Subzero-A member of an elite fighting team extensively trained for arctic combat, he was abandoned after an avalanche buried him. The ice infused his body, and he can now transform into a living block of ice, as well as emit freezing clouds.

    103: Jack Rattle- When you shoot a man, make sure he's dead. Don't put him in the ground unless his heart ain't beating. Jack hadn't quite left this world, and he talked to the dark things under the earth, talked to them and made deals. The things that live in the eternal soil hate the footsteps of the living. Jack's back. Whole lotta people gonna die.

    104: The Undisputed Champion: The residents of Paragon City love nothing more than their pro wrestling, and no wrestler is more popular than the Vitruvian Man. When his in-ring opponent/real-life friend Diablo X was kidnapped during a match by masked men, the crowd thought it was part of the show. It wasn't. With nothing but his strength and toughness, the Vitrivian has set off to uncover the mystery and save his friend.

    IOS Game Center ID: Isotope-X
  • 1709817098 Registered User new member
    105: Eidolon: This enigma of a teenager can only be described as a thief, but he's the best in the business. His suit uses an incredibly advanced technology that allows him not only to vanish, disappearing from both the naked eye and security scanners, but also to phase straight through solid objects. In case of emergency, however, he always has a pair of katanas and grappling hook on hand.

    106: Bloodmind: A once brilliant doctor spiraled into insanity after witnessing his life crumble before his eyes. Deducing that only his own mind could concoct such terrible fates, he tricked himself into believing he is seeing projections from his own mind. And he is eager to dissect the "inhabitants" of his subconscious.

  • STARcomicsSTARcomics Registered User new member

    Hey my name is Christopher Star and I saw your great super hero ideas and wanted to ask you if I could have these two for my company Star comics.
    20. War Smith

    An engineer for a military weapons lab, Warren Smith was saved by his work one day when mercenaries invaded the lab and killed all the workers. Taking a prototype suit of armor, he fought off the invaders and went on to bring them to justice. The heavy armor brings nigh-invulnerabilty, has energy-charged fists, and jump rockets for jumping far distances (unfortunately, weight makes flight impossible).

    23. Fire Wire

    A fire-controlling mutant who was killed during an alien invasion, Kelly Winters was a volunteer for an experimental military program. Her body was revived with extreme use of cybernetics, replacing almost 75% of her body, including both arms, an eye, and her skin, with metal. Her fire powers were greatly reduced, but made up for with new electric blaster units in her new arms. These days she keeps busy with heroics, distracting herself from what's happened to her body.


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