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Steam/PSN/etc won't work with new router

MarsMars Registered User regular
Hey guys, as the title says, I just switched routers and now any online gaming platforms won't work with the new one. I should start by mentioning that my networking knowledge consists of opening ports(which I have done) and that's it. So after a couple days stumbling through router settings I figured prostrating myself before the STT was overdue.

The OLD router was a 2wire 1701HG. Aside from occasionally dropping connection, it worked decently, and recently gave up the ghost.

The NEW router is a 2wire 2701HG-S. It seems to be working normally, outside of the obvious "I can't play games" thing. When I check, it says all the necessary ports are open and there's no connection issues, but anything that's not a web browser can't get through at all.

Both routers were provided by the DSL service when it was installed, and the newer one was actually my late grandmother's(she was in a separate building on our property) until the previous one crapped out and we brought it over here.

Oh, my OS is XP Professional, if it's relevant.

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