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Home Theater System Recommendations?

Ah_PookAh_Pook Registered User regular
I'm in the market for a passable home theater setup, hopefully in the $200-300 range. Any recommendations?

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  • RandomHajileRandomHajile Not actually a Snatcher The New KremlinRegistered User regular
    edited May 2011
    I have the Samsung HT-TZ422. I think it is discontinued now, but when I bought it a year ago it was around $250 at Sam's Club. It isn't the flashiest or the best surround sound system, but it fits my needs almost perfectly. My wife didn't want cords running everywhere, so I had to get one with wireless speakers. I got a Samsung because it works well with my Samsung TV over HDMI CEC, so I only have to use the TV remote to turn it on. It has a DVD player built-in, but I never use it, because I keep it in Optical Input mode all the time. The only thing I don't like about it is that it only has the one optical input, but I solved that by getting a 4-port HDMI switch that splits the audio out to an optical cable. That way, I can have my PS3, Xbox 360, Cable box, and sometimes my PC hooked up to the surround sound. (Which introduced a different problem where my PS3 sensed audio formats from the switch and enabled all of the 7.1 audio formats, so I didn't get voice on the center channel. It was easy to fix on the PS3 side, though.)

    RandomHajile on
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