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Fired for a Penny Arcade Comic? Thats A Paddlin.

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Attached is a chat log from my former employer. Not much explanation is needed, but I was terminated for linking the person to a penny arcade comic. while some would say I was being rude to a customer, he could not verify any account info and was making wild accusations, typically the tactics of a Phisher. Share and Enjoy. p.s. was a little stoned when I was on this, bear with me.

Dirk G.: <as-html>okay where did you buy this game?</as-html> Gamestop
Dirk G.: <as-html>okay did you buy it used?</as-html> yes
Dirk G.: <as-html>and what console is it for?</as-html> xbox 360
Dirk G.: <as-html>yeah, you will have to purchase the online pass.</as-html> why
Dirk G.: <as-html>it is available on the XBOX live marketplace.</as-html> i dont want to purchase it on the marketplace i bought the game and the access code was supposed to be included
Dirk G.: <as-html>that is correct, when its new.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>all new copies have a working registration code.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>the person who gave your game to gamestop, used that code.</as-html> Thats unfair
Dirk G.: <as-html>I have a cartoon that can help me illustrate this point if you like.</as-html> A cartoon?
Dirk G.: <as-html>see, when you purchase a game used, like from gamestop, you arent actually purchasing the game from the people who made it. youre purchasing it from gamestop.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>that's why **(giant game company) has put the online pass on our games, so that we still make some money off of the game that you bought for a discounted rate, rather than none.</as-html> You have a million online passes and you cant give me one? Thats all im asking for
Dirk G.: <as-html>can you verify the birthdate on your ** account?</as-html> june 28 1995
Dirk G.: <as-html>wrong ;/</as-html> Thats impossible
Dirk G.: <as-html> </as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>and yes, unfortunately, your birthdate is incorrect.</as-html> So you think your funny?
Dirk G.: <as-html>I try.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>I wouldve given you the pass</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>but you have to verify the birthdate.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>and that one really isnt correct.</as-html> is it the birthdate on the ea account or my xbox live?
Dirk G.: <as-html>EA account</as-html> November 7 1990
Dirk G.: <as-html>swing and a miss.</as-html> may 3 1973
Dirk G.: <as-html>way off.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>sorry man, im not going to be able to help you</as-html> why do i have to verify the birthdate ? i can verify anything else
Dirk G.: <as-html>birthdate.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>or secret question</as-html> ok whats the secret question
Dirk G.: <as-html>or credit card number on the account</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>there isnt one.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>and there is no credit card number.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>hence the birthdate.</as-html> i skipped through all that crap
Dirk G.: <as-html>well that was what we in the business call a "bad idea"</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>I cant make the pass</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>unless I make it on your account</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>I cant get to the code maker</as-html> one second
Dirk G.: <as-html>without you giving the correct birthdat.</as-html> wait it says my screen name has been cancelled
Dirk G.: <as-html>doesn't show that on my screen.</as-html> you fucking fagots cancelled my screen name on purpose
Dirk G.: <as-html>ha</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>no we dont even have the ability to do that</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>all we could do is disable the account</as-html> which is what you did
Dirk G.: <as-html>no, the status on that account is active.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>and no change has been made.</as-html> then why cant i log in
Dirk G.: <as-html> have definitely made it much harder on yourself, because now Im disconnecting the chat.</as-html> queer how about you go get laid
Dirk G.: <as-html>ha good one.</as-html> fucking virgin
Dirk G.: <as-html>also incorrect</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>seems to be a theme here....</as-html> stays in front of his little computer all day
Dirk G.: <as-html>all night</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>its 1 am here. I wish i would see you in real life so i could fuck you up pussy
Dirk G.: <as-html>U mad?
Dirk G.: <as-html>why U mad bro? Not at all U mad?
Dirk G.: <as-html>I aint even mad. Good now leave your little laptop and go find some pussy
Dirk G.: <as-html>dual monitor desktop
Dirk G.: <as-html>wrong again your probably some nerd with glasses that lives with his mom and gets no girls wrong again? i think not
Dirk G.: <as-html>Id be excited, if you had been right on even ONE of those comments.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>or your account verification.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>but now, you are DEFINITELY going to have to purchase that online pass.</as-html> oh really? cool story.... You talk like Mr. Funny guy in front of a "Dual monitor Desktop", but you wouldnt dare fight me in real life fucking loser
Dirk G.: <as-html>im really just really really entertained at the idea of this.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>I mean, I could have disconnected ages ago.</as-html> oh you would be entertained wouldnt you fagot? you like talking to guys? does that turn you on queer? but your still talking to me seems like your interested you like cocks?
Dirk G.: <as-html>yeah, because the chat log is recorded.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>and its hilarious.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>and me and all my nerdy friends are going to laugh about it over tea tomorrow./</as-html> Oh shit to bad i DONT GIVE A FUCK
Dirk G.: <as-html>while you arent playing madden.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>thanks for contacting **.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>and have a great day :D</as-html> oh no i will be playing madden be sure to get some pussy not porn real pussy geek
Dirk G.: <as-html>that's where all the action is.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>is on madden.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>you got me.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>Im gonna start playing madden on the weekends.</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>its the new best club to go to.</as-html> ok good one i sware i would love to see you in real life so i can fuck you up so hard
Dirk G.: <as-html>but you cant :)</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>your era is over strong boy :)</as-html>
Dirk G.: <as-html>this is the information age.</as-html>

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