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Sorry it took me all of an hour and a half to try to make a comment. I happen to be at work and posting this on the sly. Also, my apologies for posting on the wrong thread, in the future I'll do better, I promise.

My entire purpose in posting was to hear other's thoughts on the subject and my approach to the problem.

I have been reading PA since 99/00 but have never been much of a forum troll. I am practicing my writing skills so I can write a book on an unrelated topic next year.

I do know how to acquire free music through legal channels. And yes, I have posted this on my blog, but I wanted to get feedback from a more eclectic audience.

Thank you all for your comments, some useful, some useless.

It's my honest beliefe that unless we can change the industry as a whole, the lawsuits and the copy protection will only get worse.

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