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Keyboard and volume help

kleinfehnkleinfehn Registered User
Hey PA, I have a new ergonomic keyboard and I am still getting used to its strange design, but one thing I sorely miss is the ability to control my volume through the keyboard. Is there any way with windows 7 to set up a key such as up and down arrow to control my volume?

kleinfehn on


  • finalflight89finalflight89 Registered User regular
    edited June 2011
    I use 3RVX to do this. You can set any key/hotkey combination to control volume up/down, and the OSD is skinnable to your liking. My hotkey for volume up/down is CTRL+SHIFT+F11/CTRL+SHIFT+F12. It basically never interferes with any other hotkey for any other program, while still being relatively easy to hit.

    Sometimes another program will mess with the hotkeys, but restarting 3RVX fixes the problem.

    finalflight89 on
  • BatmantisBatmantis Registered User
    edited June 2011
    Sharp keys will let you change key assignments in the windows registry. Unlike other tools you don't have to run any bloatware in the background. Run under admin in windows 7. (Yes, you can mess up your registry with this tool to back it up first)

    Batmantis on
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