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HewPac Laserjet 5MP b/w printer - many questions!

Peter PrinciplePeter Principle Registered User regular
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Just got gifted an HP Laserjet 5MP black n white laser printer. Joy! I've got a few questions about it.

It has light streaking on printouts. Someone told me that I need to clean...something on this printer to make that go away. Any insight?

Where's the best place to buy toner cartridges? Reman preferred if they're well done, naturally.

Holy assbutt, this thing is goddamn glacier when it comes to printing out PDF pages and google maps directions. Literally 2-3 minutes to print one page. Also, it can only handle about 15-20 pages at a time. If I try to send any more then it prints about 20 1/2 pages and then an error page stating there's not enough memory to complete the job. Txt and doc files print at the specified speed. I can only assume this is a memory issue...? How can I improve this?

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