Windows 7 Screen brightness refuses to change

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Every now and then, when I turn on my laptop or wake it uip from sleep, the screen is dim and stays dim even when plugged in.

If I go into Personalization and adjust the brighness slider, it refuses to change. It jiggles left and right a bit, but when I let go it slides all the way to the left. If I try to edit the power scheme (balance by default) I can adjust the brightness all the way to the right and choose save, but it has no effect, and when I go back into the scheme's settings, the slider is back where it was originally. The same goes for High Performance.

If I go into Advanced Settings and manually move the plugged in brightness to 100%, saving also has no effect.

How do I tell this computer to be bright without smacking it? It' not the battery either. It's only a month old.

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