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How elements are named in chemistry when bonded.

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Okay, you know how presufixes and prefixes and stuff changes when you ionic or covalent bond elements together, ie. coblat(II) sulfide for CoS cause it's 2+ Co and S is 2-. Bascly I'm in a chem 200 class learning bout the peridoic table and I'm looking for more info to study bout the naming convetion. I'm looking for tests and stuff to pratice. I got the knowledge kinda down, flashcards going on with notes, but I really need to pratice more so I can learn to regonize bonds and such at just a glance. There's moles, acids, and bases with some oxidation going on too with a exam on wed. I'm feeling good about it but I really wanna ya know, beat it to the ground. Any good chemisty sites out there? I'm searching and stuff, found some good ones, but wanna see what ya'll got.

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    Basically read up on IUPAC stuff. The (II) part refers to the oxidation state of the metal (wait to do some really big ligands, ox states is a bitch.) Also, learn your periodic table, the first transition metal row, a few triads in the d block and the p block should be easy enough with acronyms and stuff.

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