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Entry level programming jobs?

clsCorwinclsCorwin Registered User regular
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I just got out of the Marines a few months ago, and I'm back in school to finish up my BS in CS. My unemployment is gonna run out in about a month here, so I'm trying to find something.

I'm trying to find an entry level programming position, so I can get some experience before I graduate (about 2 and a half years away).

I'm in the Modesto area, and everything that I've seen from Monster, classified, craigslist, all wants 2-4 years job experience, which of course I have none of.

Right now I'm taking C++ and Assembly, and I know Java well enough.

In high school I had classes in Perl, VB, Data Structures (using DrScheme), and Java.

So, any advice on where to go, what to do to find me something low level to gain me some experience?

Sidenote: I know NOBODY up here, so personal hook ups won't work for me.

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  • SpackleSpackle Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    Get a nice resume up on monster and possibly another job site (Career builder? In Michigan, we have Michigan Works! as well) and make it look professional. If you're comfortable with moving, specify that. I did and got calls from all over the states.

    The hard part is getting your foot in the door. Since you're still in school, internships are an amazing way to get some real-world programming under your belt which looks much better on a resume. Your school should be able to help you with tech internships in the area.

    Despite what those job pre-reqs say on experience, if you feel you can fit the bill, send your resume to them. If anything you'll at least get a few practice interviews.

    Good luck!

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  • GeodGeod swim, swim, hungryRegistered User regular
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    Your school should provide job fairs every once in awhile for internships. I can't stress how important they are, particularly for us CS folk. They helped tremendously for finding my full-time job.

    And yeah, just interview with them, if not just for the experience. Lots of companies might say that they're looking for people with 2-4 yrs experience, but if you contact them and talk to them personally they might also be looking for some temp work that they don't post online.

    Also talk to your profs and see if they know of any opportunities.

    I don't know how big your school is, but generally your advisors should every so often get information about jobs from companies.

    Yeah, echoing things Spackle said basically :)

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