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(Prime) - PAX UK Meetup

kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge CreatorLondon UKRegistered User regular
edited July 2011 in PAX Archive
Are you going to PAX Prime this year? Do you live in the UK? Do you know there are a fair few other fellow Royal subjects also going to PAX? Would you like to meet them before you go to PAX? SURE YOU WOULD!

Well if you're in London on evening of Tuesday 23rd August near Liverpool Street train station then you can do that very thing. We'll be in a bar called Pipeline that has fully functioning pinball machines in it. Yes you read correctly! We have actually found a bar in London that has multiple pinball machines! I know! Crazy eh? Anyway do feel free to pop down any time after 6pm and quaff a few pints of warm ale with fellow PAX UK people.

kropotkin on


  • TangoTango Registered User
    At the risk of seeming excessively logical, wouldn't a more convenient location for this meet-up be... Seattle? :)

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