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I have an Acer 15’ laptop that’s heavy (6 lbs), runs Vista, has shitty battery life(~45 min), and is falling apart (broken left button under trackpad, little clasp to open lid broke off, etc.). We are planning on retiring this laptop to the back room (where it will never be used) and replacing it with a lighter, more mobile, sturdier laptop. This new laptop will be our primary household computer, so it needs to be full functioning (no chromebook). Not a gaming laptop, but something that can play DVDs and HD video without stuttering, can run Picasa and iTunes smoothly, and can be snappy on the internet.

I’d like the new laptop to be:
- Not a Macbook. Nothing against Apple (we both have iPhones), but we want our primary computer to not run an unfamiliar OS. My hope is when money opens up a little more, we add a little netbook/Macbook 11” and/or iPad to the mix.
- Under 4 pounds
- 13-14” screen
- <$1,000
- Windows 7 Home Premium
- Can live unplugged in standby/hibernation mode, with short wake up time, and only plugged in when out of battery, iPad style (may be asking for too much with this)

The Acer was my first non-Dell computer, so since I’ve had such a bad experience with it, I turned to Dell first. At first, Dell was only showing me Inspirons, which look a little heavy, but with some digging into the home office categories I was able to find Vostros (kinda underpowered) and Latitudes (kinda big). Then, looking around this forum, I found a recommendation for a Sony Vaio S, which seems to meet all my criteria (13.3” screen, 3.8 lbs, $900).

Sony Vaios are quality, right? Not shitty like Acer/HP? Is the base model good enough, or is there a must have upgrade to it that you’d recommend? Should I look at other brands (Levono, Asus)?

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