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Hey everybody. I like to play around with making noise, and try to make stuff that I like.

I've been at this about 2 years. I have a ton of fun making this stuff, and really love doing it. If you've got feedback/suggestions, you are more than welcome to share. Keep it constructive, though, please -- if you don't like a song or genre for your own personal reasons, that's okay.

My first album, which features basically all the things I "finished" over my first year and a half, at least:

Cover art if you download it (free, or anything you want to donate):
genres range from j-core attempt, to dance, to probably disco, to I don't even know.

If you want a quick sample of some of the tracks, you can listen to:

and a song made with my broski, disasterfuse:


Some new projects:

S.H.H. Bro!
hip-hop. collab with disasterfuse. WIP.

jazzy something. collab with disasterfuse. probably done.

dubstep? solo-work so far. WIP.

Final Fantasy Theme Dub
dubstep? solo-work. probably done.

drum 'n' bass? solo. probably done, not sure if this was the final version or not, but it's about right.

I'm not a big dubstep fan -- I've tried listening to a few tracks and, to me, it basically sounds like stupid garbled bass. I've had people ask me to make it, so I tried making it sort of in my own way, and how I perceive the genre.

I hope you enjoy the noise if you take the time to listen to it. Thanks!

oh, I forgot some Parappa I mixed up a bit:

www.youtube.com/user/kaseius -- Let's Plays
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    I listened to some random songs last week right before I took off for camp. In general, I really liked what you had. You picked pretty good sounds that fit the tracks.

    The main issue that seemed to be a problem with all of them is that the lead parts are a bit too noodley. I think they would work better if you got some kind of iconic, catchy melody and then either used a second track for the soloy parts or kept some good pauses in the melody to let you have some mini solos and easily return to the melody.

    I'll have to come back to give you some more specific stuff later- I just got back from camping and you've got tons of stuff to go through

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    KaseiusKaseius Registered User regular
    Here's some more noise for you boys:

    tribal 8bit something? I dunno.

    hardcore noise? i have a tough time picking a genre -- it's a bit more melodic at the end.

    short project from today.

    www.youtube.com/user/kaseius -- Let's Plays
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