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MICRO-ART (straight from the Obs)

ObsObs __BANNED USERS regular
edited February 2007 in Artist's Corner
Gentleman, behold.

Possibly the smallest meaningful image ever created by man.


^ (this arrow is not a part of the image)

This is my latest creation. Been plotting it out for a week now and it's finally done.
Probably the tiniest little image of a scenery ever seen. It depicts a game of pong, between too bars, strategically bouncing a ball back and forth forever in the void.

The amazing thing about this is not only the small size of the image but the small size of the file. I am still looking for ways to compress the file size even more than it is now. Uses a total of 15 pixels. Currently stands at 38 bytes. Created in a text editor on a linux machine.

The single line of code
GIF89a € ÿÿÿ , DvjP ;

As a comparison, find any image on your computer and open it in notepad.

In theory one could type it into any purely empty file and then have it run as a gif and produce the same image.

Also, has the odd organic effect of developping a reddish tint when grouped in large clusters

O sHIT sNow Crashed:


Obs on


  • saltinesssaltiness Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    Beautiful or beautifulest?

    Really though, it's an interesting concept and I like it. I don't know how well received it will be here though. We'll see. It's certainly not the smallest piece of 'art' but it might be the smallest depiction of the game of pong, or it could be a city scape.

    saltiness on
    XBL: heavenkils
  • GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    To be honest, I am completely confused as to just what you want us to critique here. It's what?

    Godfather on
  • ObsObs __BANNED USERS regular
    edited February 2007
    Godfather wrote: »
    To be honest, I am completely confused as to just what you want us to critique here. It's what?

    Critique it like any other work of art.

    Also, if anyone has made a smaller image that actually represents something (not just some pattern or random pixels) I'd like to see it. Competition breeds quality.

    Obs on
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