Sounds from ads playing, but no browsers are open.

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Over the last two days I've downloaded and installed a lot, but nothing 'sketchy'- Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Bloodline Champions, Origin, and a game over Origin. Everything was done through official sites. However, just today, I've had a sound clip from an ad play while I was playing a game, twice. Nothing else was open, I checked my task manager, nothing was showing but the game. Interestingly enough, both ads were for Home Depot and both played when I was in the Bloodline Champions lobby. Do I have some strange virus, or does the game itself actually have ads on purpose?

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    a quick googling says that yes, they're in-game ads.

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    Sorry, should have googled it... it was so weird I didn't really think of anything other than scan stuff :/ Thanks!

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