Pretty Blue Waters?

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You know all those photos that have sparkling pretty blue water and white sand beaches?

If I wanted to go to a place like that this winter, what would be some cheap options?
Cheap is relative here. I know it'll still be dam expensive.

I live in the USA and only speak English.

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  • mtsmts Dr. Robot King Registered User regular
    virgin isles, haawaii..costa rica or puerto rico

  • ChanusChanus I've seen things... Registered User regular
    The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has all that jazz and it's really inexpensive.

    You can fly in to Cancun and then just head down the coast in a bus or taxi... Playa del Carmen is a nice touristy destination, or Puerto Morelos is a nice quiet, tiny town that doesn't get a lot of tourists.

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  • radroadkillradroadkill MDRegistered User regular
    Cheap? Florida panhandle.


    Pensacola to Destin area. For the beach alone it's awesome. For lots of things to do... not so much.

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  • MidshipmanMidshipman Registered User regular
    Not sure on the current travel costs, but Costa Rica is super cheap once you are down there. Their beaches are amazing.

  • Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis Registered User regular
    Cheap might depend on which coast you're closer to.
    Hawaii, Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico have the advantage of being in the US, so you won't need a passport.

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