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Weekend in Gettysburg

mightyspacepopemightyspacepope Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
My friends and I are going to be heading up to Gettysburg, PA this weekend for a camping trip. Does anyone have suggestions for awesome things to see/do in the area?

We'd definitely like to check out a ghost tour, if anyone can recommend a great place to do it. Ditto for a restaurant that serves Civil War-era food.


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    SneaksSneaks Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    Re: the ghost tours and period dining: you might try the Farnsworth house for both of these things. They have a pickled watermelon rind that is completely delicious. I haven't eaten there in quite some time, so I don't remember if it's an appetizer or a side, (or maybe even something they just give you, like bread,) but I recommend it all the same. I also went on a couple of their ghost tours and enjoyed them as well. It's on Baltimore Street, on the south side of town.

    As for other activities, you might try an audio tour of the battlefields (in your car, not one of the bus-based tours). The Visitor's Center has many to choose from, though in my experience any tour longer than two hours is over-staying its welcome. Mostly, it's just a great way to take in the scenery while being able to easily retreat from the scorching heat to an air-conditioned vehicle (though since you're camping, that may not be a big deal for you).

    Have fun!

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    CyberJackalCyberJackal Registered User regular
    In case you weren't aware, President Eisenhower had a home/ranch in Gettysburg. It's pretty cool, as far as historical figures' houses go. You have to pay to visit it though.

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