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[OHGODHALP] Big time troubles with Windows 7 Service Pack 1

ArthilArthil Registered User regular
So earlier this morning, somewhere in the ballpark of 4 AM or so. I got the bright idea to try and install Service Pack 1 after my original problems with it. Mostly being it causing my internet to... not sure how to put it, 'skip' itself. Which would cause me to lose my connection in MSN, and halt any buffering on a video. Would have likely caused problems with any online games as well.

Anyway since there were three updates I couldn't get installed, a few .net framework ones to be specific, I figured maybe I need to actually install the Service Pack finally. I did, got all the new updates that came with its installation.

However it had the exact same problems, leading me to believe whatever department at Microsoft checks for quality control decided not to give it another once over in so many months. I went to do the exact same fix as before, simply using System Restore to return to the restore point made prior to the Service Packs installation. The process while slow as it tends to be, went smoothly. However once it was finished I found myself with a rather unique issue that was very different from last time.

I couldn't connect to the internet. It wasn't an issue I'll have time to time if my router doesn't have a nice restart every once in a while, the damn machine just outright refused. Restarted about four times, unplugged the ethernet cable nearly so many times. Once I had access to the router, I restarted it expecting a fix... except nothing happened. Now I also checked on another computer connected to the same router, and it worked completely fine.

So here I am now, I used System Restore again in order to undo the removal of Service Pack 1. MSN is still losing connection, and it SEEMS any video not on youtube will be cut off from buffering at the exact same time. Mind you I'd need to test that on a much longer youtube video.Scratch that, youtube is just as bad if not worse off. I'm at my wits end here, my only other option is to uninstall the Service Pack via the Control Panel, which might work however I'm curious how long it's supposed to take.

I'd appreciate any help or advice that can be given, thanks in advance.

Edit: And if it changes anything, this is a 64-bit version of Win 7.

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Arthil on


  • ArthilArthil Registered User regular
    Another update, god I hope someone has some advice soon. I just tried to uninstall the Service Pack via the control panel, however it told me an error had occurred and just to my luck, the Service Pack didn't get uninstalled.

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  • ArthilArthil Registered User regular
    Second update: I rolled back to a restore point made before I installed the first of the handful of updates that appeared after installing Service Pack 1. So far, my videos are buffering fine and MSN has not YET gone tits up.

    I'll have to see, but this introduces an even more complicated problem of figuring out which of these updates is the troublemaker.

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  • Jebus314Jebus314 Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    Honestly, undoing the service pack isn't the best idea. Windows updates are there for a reason, service packs especially. If you can get the service pack installed, I would start trouble shooting from that point. I'm pretty sure service pack 1 has some important security updates in it.

    I'm not really in expert but there are a few things that usually get suggested at some point so I might as well point them out.

    1) Make sure your drivers are up to date for your network card, and probably the video card too
    2) Find out some more specifics of what's wrong with your internet. What does your browser say when you try to connect? Try using ping and then traceroute.
    3) Try connecting in safe mode with networking
    4) Check the proxy settings of your browser (it should almost always be setup to not use a proxy)
    5) Run some antivirus/antimalware scans just in case

    edit: It also might not be a bad idea to contact microsoft and get their help process rolling. I've used them I couple of times, and while I usually ended up solving the problem on my own, they are pretty good about getting back to you and trying to help.

    Jebus314 on
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  • ArthilArthil Registered User regular
    From what I understand, for something as simple as Service Pack 1 is, it's completely useless. Basically if you've kept yourself up-to-date as I have, there is absolutely no reason to install the thing. It's been stuffed into the hidden area of Windows Update for months now and until today I'd gotten updates fine. There was trouble with 3 of them out of a batch of... 11? All of them .NET Framework related.

    As for the suggestions, it wasn't the internet itself. Since another PC was surfing with no hassle, it happened when I tried to use System Restore to roll back to before I installed the thing. At the moment it's not causing any problems, but honestly I'm going to try and uninstall it manually through the control panel again. It's done nothing but be a troublemaker with both of my machines, one of which was LITERALLY brand new. Basically we were updating it, and saw the service pack and I got the bright idea of "Huh.. should do it on the other PC too." Then both of them experienced some kind of odd issue with internet connectivity, where the buffering of videos would just stop and things like MSN would be disconnected.

    I think for the moment I've figured out a solution on my own, the only reason I'm trying to uninstall the Service Pack again is because I'd rather not have to hide 7 important updates associated with it.

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  • ArthilArthil Registered User regular
    Issue for the moment has been resolved, on a whim I chose to instead slowly install each update in as close to correct order as I could, minus the .NET Framework ones, and also minus one for Visual Studios. I have the sneaking suspicion that it was the update causing my troubles.

    PSN: Honishimo Steam UPlay: ArthilCwcuLUM.jpg
  • XeddicusXeddicus Registered User regular
    Are you using PC Tools Firewall by any chance? I had SP1 making me drop my internet connection for a second then reconnect. It was because the firewall needed to be updated.

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