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Welcome to The Hub

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Welcome to the Penny Arcade Hub, the home of all our Penny Arcade related discussion. This includes the main strip, news posts, trenches, PATV and any other such shenanigans that we pull out of the woodwork. The normal rules of the on topic forums apply

•Don't be a dick - The standards of behaviour here are the highest on the boards, people being unpleasant or rude will be removed from the boards. Don't say anything to another user that wouldn't be appropriate in a face-to-face social setting. What is and is not appropriate is decided by our moderation staff and their word is final

•No talk of porn, warez, music piracy, film piracy or anything you can possibly think of that falls under these guidelines. If it's the kind of thing you get at the pirate bay, you can't talk about it here. If it's relevant to the comic or newspost piracy related issues can be discussed, but any linking to illegal or unethical (by our standards, not yours) material or awesome stories of things you've pirated are inappropriate. If you try and game this rule or push the boundaries of it we will sit on your head. The moderators have the final word on what does and does not constitute breaking this rule.

•Stay on-topic - This is an on-topic forum and all discussion should be relevant to the content of the thread. No chatter or off-topic tangents or posts about what you had for dinner. Absolutely no Morrissey, even if it's relevant to the comic. Ever. None. If you'd prefer a less structured environment, Social Entropy is chat friendly.

These are GUIDELINES. If you are being obnoxious or undelightful and are punished for it, saying "but it doesn't specify in the rules that ----" will get you nowhere. If you feel you have been poorly treated, you can PM me. Bear in mind that I have almost certainly already seen the infraction in question and that your chances of having an infraction reversed drop precipitously if you are impolite in your complaint.

Bear in mind that The Glorious Edict is always in effect on all forums, and the only insult allowed is Silly Goose. You shouldn't be insulting people here anyway, because this is a nice forum for nice people.

Enjoy the board!

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