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Computer having trouble starting up

Glirk DientGlirk Dient Registered User regular
I have a computer that is having difficulty starting up sometimes. If you leave it powered on for a little while(10+ minutes) it will boot itself up. Other than than it just hangs in limbo with lights on but nothing comes up on the monitor. Once it does boot up the computer starts up as if it were in hibernation. All the old programs are running and a song paused will be at the same spot. Everything is how it was before shut down. Even if you un plug the power it still stays like this.

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    XeddicusXeddicus Registered User regular
    Even if you unplug the power cord? What the hell. I never use hibernation so I don't know if it can do that, but are you sure it's being powered down before pulling the cord?

    As for the booting it could be anything. Run Memtest, boot into safe made and see if that helps. Checked for malware? It's kind of a crap shoot.

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