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PAX Schedule Booklet/App available currently?

CylindreceusCylindreceus Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
Last year was my first year at PAX, and I greatly underestimated the usefulness of the booklet that had a map of the convention and who was what and where. I didn't get a lot of things signed, I didn't meet the people I would have loved to, and it was all because I didn't look at what I had the entire time!
So I'm wondering if there is one available now, so I can plan, or at least know what it is I am looking for!
Thanks in advance! And... less than 24 hours until PAX!

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    ShatteredRealityShatteredReality Registered User regular
    There are maps of the Expo floor (not the entire convention center) available at (4th floor) and (6th Floor). There are also several apps available for Android and iOS devices (The Guidebook App, and the Pax Assistant to name at least 2) that have the schedule and allow you to make your own schedule available on the phone.

    The entire convention center (and off site theater) map should be available in the program we get at the door!

    See ya tomorrow!

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    LigerLiger Registered User regular
    There are a ton of apps out there. Either check out the search function on the forum or search "PAX" in your marketplace of choice. The Official app sounds whole, but buggy. There's a Guidebook... and some others. There is also a complete schedule on, as well as Expo hall maps.

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