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New Gaming Rig

twinkletwinkle Registered User
First time using the forums on this site, if iv posted wrong or anything, I really do apologize. Ok, so normally I have my cousins build my computers for me. Honestly, I want to do this myself now. A little worried, but I love computers and need to learn how to build em. So, I'm on new getting parts. I know the case i want, it has cable management, and I know i'm getting an intel, I think I'm going to get an intel i5. This is where I need help, if anyones built a gaming rig with the recent I5, id great appreciate recomendations lol. I can spend up to about..1500..with monitor. Just give me some ideas even if its more than I suggested. If iv posted in a wrong area..please tell me so i know where to move it..

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  • TheCanManTheCanMan Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    There's a sticky for the Computer Build Thread at the top. We try to keep all of these questions consolidated to that thread to keep the place nice and tidy.

    I'll quote you in that thread.

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