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WildStar from Carbine Studios&NCSOFT



  • ShanadeusShanadeus Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Shanadeus on
  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular
    So apparently there is a Beta sign up available now.

  • ParagonParagon Registered User regular
    Why on earth does it want my phone number to sign up for a beta?

  • PoketpixiePoketpixie Siege Registered User regular
    Interesting. I especially like how they're trying to move away from using quest hubs. The path thing sounds interesting but only if I could switch between those activities depending on what I feel like doing. If they're just going to lock you into one path then bleh.

  • chocoboliciouschocobolicious Registered User regular
    yeah, I wanted to sign up.. then I saw it wanted my number and everything. Uh, no.

  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular
    Seriously, why would you give them a real number in the first place? Unless I am job hunting every site that asks for a phone gets my area code followed with 111-1111. Even credit card transactions. They don't need to know it, and i dont give it.

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    Did anyone ever explain why you're locked into just one of the paths in this game?

  • sidhaethesidhaethe Registered User regular
    So I watched some of the dev walkthroughs which are inexplicably not linked on the main site (that I can tell), and am on the hype train for this now. I didn't get a chance to play it when I was at PAX Prime (I'd had enough of standing in line for GW2), but the guy at the booth was nice and gave me a t-shirt, and the booth babe they had dressed as the bunny girl was sweet and forthcoming about how her costume didn't fit right. All in all, I was charmed by the display, but wasn't terribly impressed by watching others play the game.

    Now that I've heard the devs point out things going on in the game world I'm much more interested and have signed up for beta... whenever that will be.

    Here are the videos:

  • TcheldorTcheldor Registered User regular
    Looks neat. Do we have a time line for release?

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  • sidhaethesidhaethe Registered User regular
    No news on release timeline... no news even on beta timeline yet. :(

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