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commuter headphones

Shazkar ShadowstormShazkar Shadowstorm Registered User regular
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I'm squared away on the headphones for home/work use, but I need some new commuter headphones (riding subway, walking in noisy city).

In the past I went through a few pairs of these because they sound not bad, fit my ears well, and were cheap as hell. But they also fell apart pretty easily.

There are so many conflicting reports on what is good and what is not on the interbutts that I would welcome any opinions. People say shure, ultimate ears, some people say stick with cheap sony buds or whatever.

I don't want to get too expensive headphones if they're going to fall apart from my commute (seeing as they'll need to fit in my pocket most of the time and I'll be walking around with them). They don't need to be the best headphones in the world, I have good enough headphones for home and whatnot to listen to music, but I don't want them to sound bad.

I have cheapo earbuds with a mic that I use for listening/making calls now, but obviously they don't block out any subway noise and fall out of the ears sometimes.


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  • SixSix Eats Big Dinners Registered User regular
    I use and love these:

    Some have trouble getting a good seal with the earbuds, and it took me a few days to decide on the right nubbins to use, but now they're perfect. Good sound isolation, decent to good sound quality, and the mic is handy for taking/making phone calls (I use these with an iPhone).

    The over-the-ear setup took a little getting used to, too, and it means that sometimes they can get unreasonably tangled up when stored in a pocket, but that's my only real complaint.

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