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Preparing for the teacher certification tests[Texas]

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As the title says, I'm in Texas.

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to finishing up my school and getting certified to teach. I have about one semester, then a full semester of student teaching, and that's it.

But before I get to do my student teaching, I need to pass the two certification tests-the PPR Texes, and my content area test(English), and to be honest, I'm pretty apprehensive about this. Listening to some classmates who have either taken the test, or are about too, they seem so much better prepared than I am.

While I'm currently taking a class that's supposed to help, I'm not sure how much I'm getting out of it. The assigned book goes over the four domains that the test is on, but so far a lot of the practice questions aren't things I have ever really gone much over. But at the same time, I been getting them right because so many of them are the whole 'they're not looking for the 'best' answer, as much as the one a teacher SHOULD respond to.

I guess I'm just looking for any general or specific advise regarding this two tests-I definitely plan to take the practice tests offered by my teacher center, and I a quick google search shows me a ton of websites/books I can purchase to better prepare myself..but are they really worth it?

Also, what about the content area? That one I know less about, though I feel a bit more confident, simply because I have always killed in my lit classes.. but is there more I should know?

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