WoW Vanilla Emu, now with sprinkles.

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I haven't seen a WoW Emu thread on this forums so I'd thought I'd start one so I can shill the vanilla WoW server I'm playing on (though am not associated with in any other way), and so those of you playing on your TBC or WotLK servers can shill those servers. Note: I'm sure the mods would appreciate that we only shill free servers - a whatever you may think about the legality of Emu servers we can all agree it's clearly crossing a line when an Emu tries to charge players.

Anyway I'm currently on a new Vanilla WoW (patch 1.12.1 PVP) server

It has the added bonus of rolling back some of the post patch 1.7 nerfs including the Hunter rare pet speed and abilities nerf in 1.9. BGs are closed right now but the admins are working on original Vanilla Alterac Valley (oh the days of 40 hours matches) and I'm lobbying for original Admiral's Hat and Instant Attack damage determination (when the Aracanite Reaper was king). So far it's been mostly (but not completely) bug free not that I've seen much of the world ;-)

Mods report that all raid instances in Vanilla are in the game but only MC/Ony are open right now (so likelihood of some bugs when BWL & etc open) and it looks like we'll get a basic progression server going.

Anyway I recommend it for anyone who misses vanilla WoW. Hopefully other people can list their favorite Emus here as well (Vanilla, TBC, etc) for those of you who miss TBC or WoTLK.


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    maybe reading the forum rules would explain why there isn't an emu thread on these forums!

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    I'm pretty sure that an EQ Emu thread has been on this forum for a while.

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    The EQ thread had prior approval from the moderators. According to what I understand, this one is also within the rules, but approval is still a good idea.

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