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Big Power Supply Issue

Vi MonksVi Monks Registered User regular
edited February 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Update: check out the third post. I'm a nub.

So I'm browsing the internet, listening to some music, when all of a sudden, my computer just shuts down, as if it had been unplugged from the wall. I got down on the floor and smelled burning coming from the case. I turned off the power supply and the lights on it flashed a few times. After opening up the case, I could see no visible damage so (and this probably was a horrible idea) I decided to try to power it on again and see what happened. The power supply came on but the lights were dim and nothing else powered up.

So I drive down to Best Buy and pick up a new power supply -- 650 watt Antec with 12v+ up to 20 amps so I know it's good -- and put it in. Everything powers up perfectly but here's the catch: I can't start Windows. I have a dual boot with Vista and XP on separate hard drives. When I try to load Vista, I get "The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt."; File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe; Status: 0xc000000e. It suggests I run the Windows Automatic Repair program from the Vista CD but it says it is unable to fix it.

When I try to load XP, the loading screen comes up but it is dismally slow. The progress bar goes almost halfway across and then the computer restarts.

So how fucked am I? Did my power supply going out erase both my hard drives? Did it break both my hard drives? Is this another problem altogether? Thanks in advance; I'm in quite a jam here.

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    AldoAldo Hippo Hooray Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    No one replied in this thread for a few hours, so I'll just share my layman-knowledge and hope that it makes some sense. If anything, someone else will come in to scream at me that I'm all wrong, in the end, you're better off, I hope. ^^

    You said the lights flashed a few times, this might imply that your computer had to go through the same, maybe something got overloaded by it? Maybe a short-circuit, even?

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    Vi MonksVi Monks Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    So time for an update that makes me look like an idiot.

    I decided to reinstall Vista and see what I could do with that. There was only one partition listed (turned out to be my C drive so bye bye XP) but, once I got it installed, everything was going fine except that my E drive (the old Vista) wasn't visible. This got me thinking.

    Turns out, when BIOS asks you which Windows to boot up, it doesn't actually have to see the OS on a hard drive -- it just remembers. Well I open up my case and sure enough: the SATA for my E drive had come lose when I was putting in the new power supply. Plug it in and it boots up fine.

    A few quirks remain, however, but they're so minor that I couldn't care less; I only mention them here because they're weird. Trillian, for instance, has lost all its plugins and didn't know which skin to load when I started it up. Weird, but okay.

    Long story short, I should be careful when installing new power supplies. By the way, thanks for the insight, Aldo, even if the whole thing was much more simple than that.

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