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glithertglithert Registered User regular
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I read All-Star Superman and it was awesome. Then I read Red Son and that was awesome, too. Where do I go from here? What do I read next? Should I watch the movies? If so, which? Was his cartoon as good as the Batman one? etc etc.

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    Page-Page- Registered User regular
    I'd go for Kingdom Come. It's neat.

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    SentrySentry Registered User regular
    Kingdom Come is fantastic. I would also check out For All Seasons (

    And, since DC is rebooting all their properties you can start reading at Action Comics #1.

    As for the old show, I loved it. It was completely different from Batman TAS, mainly because that show had one foot in the past and Superman TAS had one foot in the future. It made for an awesome juxtaposition.

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    CyberJackalCyberJackal Registered User regular
    Superman's cartoon was definitely in the same league as Batman's. After you're finished there, I would recommend giving Justice League/Justice League Unlimited a try.

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    Super NamicchiSuper Namicchi Orange County, CARegistered User regular
    Superman: Birthright

    John Byrne's Man of Steel

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    Double_ChrisDouble_Chris Registered User regular
    Definitely check out the cartoon, as well as the aforementioned Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons. STAY AWAY from the All Star Superman animated movie. It's just disappointing.

    I'll also second the recommendations on Superman For All Seasons and Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come is still my favorite Superman story.

    I really enjoyed Emperor Joker which, despite the name, is definitely a Superman focused book.

    The best Superman stories, to me, are the Elseworlds type of stories, like Red Son and Kingdom Come.

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    TexiKenTexiKen Dammit! That fish really got me!Registered User regular
    Here are some of the best Superman stories from recent years, broken down in both issue and trade paperback form (a lot of the Superman trades are out of print though):

    Here are the best Superman stories in recent years that will give you everything you're asking for from a Superman story:

    Superman #151-200,
    Action Comics 760-810,
    Adventures of Superman 585-621
    Superman Man of Steel 95-134

    You can find them in the dollar bins.

    They were also put into the following trades but most are out of print:

    The Man of Steel (they have made this up to 6 volumes including the stories from right after Crisis on Infinite Earths, but the first volume is the John Byrne origin)
    Superman for All Seasons
    No Limits
    Till Death Do Us Part
    Critical Condition
    Emperor Joker
    President Lex
    Our Worlds at War
    Return to Krypton
    Ending Battle
    Up, Up, and Away!
    Camelot Falls
    The Legion of Super-Heroes
    The Coming of Atlas

    There is a story out there called Grounded, avoid it like the plague. Worst Superman story in years. I would say Birthright is even better than All-Star Superman, and should be easily available to find.

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    KyouguKyougu Registered User regular
    Superman: Secret Identity

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    BagginsesBagginses __BANNED USERS regular
    Kyougu wrote:
    Superman: Secret Identity

    I'd save that for last. It's like a refreshing tonic for the seasoned Supes reader. It's good for everyone, but it definitely seems to be more fresh in its unique interpretation with more reading of the mainstream stuff, life a finely aged wine.

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    ThomamelasThomamelas Only one man can kill this many Russians. Bring his guitar to me! Registered User regular
    Alan Moore's "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" is still available in a trade edition.

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