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I turn to Moe's once again in times of hardship. I've just started school and my laptop is "stuttering." Even during non-intensive task, like youtube and listening to music, it will hang for a second, replaying one instant of sound very quickly, while the video is frozen. It usually recovers within 2 seconds, and happens with increasing frequency based on the intensiveness of the project - perhaps once every minute or two on youtube, but once every 10 seconds in Starcraft 2. I'm using a Radeon HD 6570 M, 4 gigs of RAM, 5,200 RPM drive, and i7 processor at 2.0 GHz (weird thing, though - I have 4 cores, but 8 logical cores. As a subquestion, could someone tell me what's the point of dividing up those cores?)

If anyone has any help, I'd really appreciate it. To the community of Moe's technology tavern - you've saved my ass a million times in the past, so thanks. You guys rule. If you've got any questions that might clear things up or give some additional info, just ask, I'll be monitoring this thread (though it is Friday night - I might not respond instantly).

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