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Quality component cables and AV switches

mbannickmbannick Registered User regular
So I've had an hd tv for about a year and a half and everything is great if it uses hdmi. What I'm looking for is some quality component cables to hook up some of my older non hdmi consoles (Ps2, Xbox, Wii). So far I ended up purchasing one of those all in one cables for cheap, but the picture is terrible (I expected as much) and has constant noise and color bleeding. So, can anyone make any suggestions for some nice component cables that don't suck? Also, I'm in the market for a nice AV switch to keep everything more organised than the mess I have behind my tv right now.

mbannick on


  • Skoal CatSkoal Cat Registered User regular

    But depending on how much money you've got, your next step is a receiver and speakers :)

  • ben0207ben0207 Registered User regular
    I always go with Cambridge cables for analogue signals.

  • mbannickmbannick Registered User regular
    Well I ordered some cables from monoprice so I'll see how those turn out (people were always talking about them, but I never really bothered looking). Now all I really need is a good switch (something with like 2 component and 2 hdmi would be nice). So what would you guys recommend?

  • DjeetDjeet Registered User regular

    Although at that price I'd seriously consider getting a receiver and use that for video switching:

  • mbannickmbannick Registered User regular
    So the cables came today and they are actually pretty good! There is still a small amount of noise though but it's not visible unless you are three feet away from the TV so I think it worked out pretty well. Color wise these are so much better than the old ones and there is no bleeding. As far as an AV switch goes I don't really feel like spending more than about $30 on one so I guess I'll put that off for now. Thanks for the help!

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