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Shared System Memory?

Big ClassyBig Classy Registered User regular
So I went into the Performance Information and Tools whatsit and brought down a list of my system hardware and spec.. Something tickled me wrong.
In the graphics section it says I have 1GB dedicated memory, which makes sense shince I have a 1GB GTX 460 but it also has 1790MB down as shared system memory. I've disabled the onboard video so I don't understand why that would be there?

And could this be the cause of my graphical showy woes?


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    punkpunk Professional Network Nerd Phoenix, AZRegistered User regular
    Shared System Memory: This usually makes up the bulk of system memory available to the GPU and is “allocated” on demand when needed. Shared system memory is really just regular application VAD which are probe and locked and made visible to the GPU. VidMm will only allow up to N bytes to be pinned down simultaneously where N is: ((Total System Memory – 512)/2 – Dedicated System Memory)

    N = ((4096 - 512)/2 - 0)
    N = (3584/2 - 0)
    N = 1792 - 0
    N = 1792

    It's just memory that Windows has set aside (but will still share with other applications) for GPU use should it be required. I believe it's possible to disable it, but I would leave it alone.

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