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Okay so I'm very behind in my comic reading right now and I'm trying to catch up with all the pretty much everything Hulk except the annuals and She-Hulk. So I started from prelude to Planet Hulk, then Planet Hulk, WWH, then Skaar issues #1-12. At the end of #12 it says to be continued in Dark Son Rising. My friend told me that the order goes Skaar, Incredible Hulk then Red Hulk and that after Skaar #12 that I was supposed to read the 3 part Incredible Hulks enigma force mini series (http://www.comicvine.com/incredible-hulks-enigma-force-dark-son-incredible-hulks-enigma-force-dark-son/37-267295/). But at the end of Incredible Hulks enigma force #1 I noticed an ad showing Red Hulk #22 and I was like "Wtf? Isn't this mini-series supposed to be before Red Hulk?". So I don't think I'm reading the right thing after Skaar #12, so can someone tell me and provide a link to the issue as to what I'm supposed to read next please? Also my friend was also telling me that I'm supposed eventually start reading Incredible Hulk issues and Red Hulk issues at the same time that basically coincide with each other. So can someone please tell me which issues those are? Can someone also please give me a link to a checklist for all of these issues. Mind I think I have them all, just don't know the order. Any help would be much appreciated please and thank you.

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