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so i have an old yet decent computer that has an issue. It claims that I do not have a driver for a "coprocessor." Firstly, what the hell is a coprocessor, and secondly, is it in my motherboard, my CPU, or my Graphics Card. On a side note I am getting graphical slowdown and some artifacting on bfbc2 which is a first, other games are beginning to show the slow as well.

my system is a:
nvidia geforce 9600gt (not 1gb)
amd phenom II X4 940 processor (3ghz)
6gb of ram, 2300 or something
asus m3n72-d motherboard, using a nForce 740a SLI chipset.
runs oem win 7 64bit, and used to be rather awesome.

please help I just want a happy computer.

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  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON IndiaRegistered User regular
    First Google result suggests that you want to update your chipset driver (this will likely be from ASUS or from whoever makes your chipset, like nVidia).

  • punkpunk Registered User regular
    A coprocessor is a "helper" processor of some sort that takes some load off of the primary CPU by assuming certain, specific functions. For example, some server-grade CPUs would have floating point coprocessors (called FPUs) that handled mathematical tasks. GPUs can be considered considered coprocessors, and even something as small as the chip that handles the SATA bus on your motherboard.

    I would take TychoCelchuu's advise and update your motherboard's chipset drivers, which should hopefully take care of the problem. If you could provide the model of your motherboard, we may be able to point you in the right direction. If you're unsure of the model, I recommend CPU-Z. Once you install and run it, the third tab should have the motherboard's model.

    If the motherboard chipset driver update doesn't do the trick, you might also try installing the latest version of your GPU's drivers.

  • stopgapstopgap Registered User regular
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    Ok, the Mother board is an ASUSTeK m3n72D, using a nForce 740a SLI Chipset.
    Haven't found the drivers yet, and whenever I alt tab in games right now my game freezes... wtf.

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  • TefTef Registered User regular
    Did you go to Asus' website and look in support>downloads?

    It was relatively straightforward for me to update my chipset/bios/USB controller drivers from their website

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better

  • punkpunk Registered User regular
    Go to here, click on the Download tab, select Windows 7 64-bit, expand the Chipset tree and download the nVidia chipset drivers, v15.45. Looks like it's a beta release, but that's all that is available. I would use the "Global" download link instead of the "Global (DLM)" link to avoid installing their download manager.

    Since you have an nVidia chipset (nForce 750a SLI), you can also check nVidia's website. It looks like they have a newer version (v15.56) available.

  • EgoEgo Registered User regular
    As everyone's said, you're just missing motherboard drivers. The point has been hammered home, but, you know, just to be one more nail...

  • punkpunk Registered User regular
    Ego wrote:
    As everyone's said, you're just missing motherboard drivers. The point has been hammered home, but, you know, just to be one more nail...

    More nails means it'll stay put!

  • ben0207ben0207 Registered User regular
    Has anybody suggested upgrading your motherboard / chipset drivers? You could try that.

  • stopgapstopgap Registered User regular
    Gentlemen, I owe you thanks. My drivers are working again. All is well, and the princess has been saved... for now.

  • punkpunk Registered User regular
    Thank God she wasn't in another castle. I'd have pitched a fit.

  • stopgapstopgap Registered User regular
    well I am having some heating issues... so... (fade to black).

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