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Paging Dr. Marten! Made in UK vs. Asia - FIGHT!

Judge-ZJudge-Z Teacher, for Great JusticeUpstate NYRegistered User regular
edited October 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
My mid-life crisis has apparently hit, in the shape of having a near-obsessive desire to finally acquire a pair of Dr. Martens. I was always covetous of a pair, but my finances back in my late teens and early twenties during the early 90s were such that I could never justify the price - plus, I had a suitable pair of steel toed boots from work for when I wanted to kick in a pair of sweet looking boots. I graduated college, got married, bought a house, got a real, honest to goodness grown up job, bred.... and forgot about the Docs desire.

Well, the old steel toed boots lie scarred and grass stained from being used for yard work. Winter is coming, and I'd like something more substantial than my Nikes and more stylish than my $10 Target pull on moon boots that I use to take the dog out.

And this summer, I read an article about Dr. Martens opening production back up a couple of years ago in England for certain classic designs. The lust returned.

I want to get a pair, but I'm conflicted. The Docs I can buy locally are all the made in Asia versions - which feels wrong. But the vintage, made in the UK boots are significantly pricier (nearly double for the same style), and only available through the DMUSA store (or if I go to Toronto or NYC and hit up the Docs retail stores, which really would be silly for footwear). For as much as they cost, I'd really like to try them on, especially since they come in UK sizes - and I have an in-between US size, and mutant feet to boot.

Ha, to boot. I see what I did there.

But yeah, we're talking freakishly weird feet. As in, an orthopedist once called in his intern to take a look weird.

So, to those who stroll around in DM style, do any of you have experience with BOTH the made in UK AND made in Asia Docs? Any real difference in quality or comfort? I've tried searching the net, found one helpful blog comparing UK made vs. Asia saying that out of the box, the made-in Asias seem more comfy, but then a lot of reviews saying they just don't last, and a TON of screed against Asian made goods.

So, I'm torn - between the assumed better quality and comfort of Made in UK, and the convenience and low cost of being able to drive to the mall and have a pair tomorrow - but a pair that may not be as durable or well made.

TL:DR - anyone who has both UK and Asian made Dr. Martens, is there any real, noticeable difference between them in terms of quality, comfort, fit and durability?

Bonus question: Style - 1460s or 1490s?

Note: I am willing to look at, although skeptical any will scratch the mid-life itch, similar brands of high quality, stylish boots if anyone cares to suggest other brands.

Judge-Z on
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