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Writer seeking Artist

EIiasEIias Registered User new member
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So I'm not sure that this belongs here, but--


My name is Elias Rodriguez and I am an unpublished writer working on a series of short stories to be released for free online as an e-book. I'm pretty decent at arranging words into sentences but I really suck at getting lines together to make illustrations, so I'm in need of an artist to do that for me.

I have two of my stories up on my tumblr thing here:

What I need are a few illustrations per story: a cover, of course, and some additional illustrations to depict what's going on throughout, that kind of stuff.

Since I'll be releasing the book for free I won't be giving commission or anything, but I'll of course credit you. You'd basically be doing me a favor out of the kindness of your heart.

As for the style for the illustrations, I'm looking for something very simple, very minimalistic, but still elegant, perhaps sketchy. Just to give you a very, very, VERY basic idea of the direction I'm going in, here's a super shitty and crude placeholder cover I made for one of the stories:

It's not pretty, I know: that's why I need you.

Preferably, I'd like to find someone who's actually interested and enjoys my work so that they'd be inspired to illustrate without me having to tell them exactly what to depict, but I doubt I'll find anyone like that so I'm open to all takers.

If you're willing to do this just reply here or email me at



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    New threads are for exhibiting art, Elias, as explained in the rules. This is a question better asked in the Questions or Chat threads. Please read the rules.

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