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On Updating Resumes and the Formatting Thereof

Steel AngelSteel Angel Registered User regular
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So after being suddenly laid off Friday due to yet another bad quarter at my former employer, I find myself needing to update my resume. Now I have absolutely no issues with what I plan to append to it, but could use a little bit of insight otherwise.

The big thing is that when I started with the company a little over a year ago I was a relatively recent college graduate and most of my comp sci experience was from an undergraduate course of study so I had a list of classes in addition to the usual list of work experience and projects. I already had to shrink the font size in the word document version of the resume to make things fit. Now I have a lot more under my belt even with a relatively short stint in support engineering. So I'm contemplating dropping the coursework list since I actually have industry experience now but wasn't sure if I should go through with doing so. I've heard conflicting things about whether going over one page is kosher on a resume and am tempted to leave the classes (though perhaps with trimming) to give a fuller picture of what I've learned. Additionally, most employers seem to be picking up the online version of my resume on Monster and the like where I'm not sure the page even ends.

The smaller thing is how to handle staging my job title and clients I was doing things for. Since I had a lot of different tasks and responsibilities for over the past year, I have multiple things to state but wasn't sure if I should just list some of the major clients once if they might appear in more than entry otherwise and likewise if I should keep stating " . . . as a <job title>" in each entry or just in the first one and let the fact that subsequent entries have the same employer and years listed imply the position.

Not the most major things in the world, but stuff I would like to do well.

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  • DemerdarDemerdar Registered User regular
    Definitely cut out the course work stuff.

  • KiplingKipling Registered User regular
    If you used it during your job, delete it now. Whatever is left can probably be cut down to a line or two in skills.

    I avoid listing clients by exact name in my field, because I didn't land the client. Sales did that. You are trying to sell what you were able to do for these companies, not make the sales team at your former company look better.

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  • VeritasVRVeritasVR Registered User regular
    Cut the course work. It's great for your first job and then never again. You can put a detail in your education like a specialization or something relevant.

    Specific or unique skills may have its own category, but your work experience should be enough to display that. State what you were responsible for doing (job position/title) and what you accomplished in quantitative results with impact. You can and should list your multiple jobs in the same company. If you did the same stuff with a different title, just say "Company X, This position and this position: Did this, this, and that."

    Keep it to one page. Don't tell them stuff they already know (things like "proficient with MS Word" should not be there as it is assumed since you went to college). Good luck!

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