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Did I really break a new MicroSD card?

busfahrerbusfahrer addictGermanyRegistered User regular

here's the story:

I recently came across a new phone, the Samsung S5620 (Monte). Since it was given to me for free, I had to order stuff like the USB cable, the AC adapter and a storage card. As a card, I ordered a Samsung 16 GB MicroSD card (class 6). (The phone can hold up to 16 GB cards according to specs)

It arrived yesterday, bundled with an adapter that lets you put it into a non-micro, standard SD card reader. (i.e. a hollow SD card that you can put the microSD card into)

I put the card into my phone, and a little icon in the taskbar appeared, telling me that a card was inserted. It asked me to format it, and that worked. Since my USB cable isn't here yet, I removed the card from the phone and used the SD adapter to put it into my laptop. I then put some music onto it, and put it back in my phone. That worked great. I did the game of swapping the card between my laptop and the phone a few times, always remembering new bits of music that I also wanted to copy to my phone.

Then, suddenly, the phone didn't recognize the card anymore. It just acted as if none was inserted. I put the card back into the laptop, and the laptop STILL recognized it and I could read and write off it, without any problems. After trying a few times, the phone still wouldn't recognize it. I got frustrated and used my laptop to format it as FAT32. That didn't help, either. I tried a few different cluster sizes, to no avail.

N.B.: When I'm in the menu where you can normally view the storage status, the phone offers me both "internal phone memory" and also the card as options to select, but only when the card is inserted, so it still recognizes it to some small extent, I guess.
When I select "card", it tells me that it's in an invalid format and asks if it should format the card. When I pick yes, it tries to format the card, and after a few seconds, I get the message that just says "Error".

Does anybody have an idea what I could do, or what I did wrong?
Any comments are appreciated!!!


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    corky842corky842 Registered User regular
    Download this, put the card in your computer, then use that program to format it.

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    busfahrerbusfahrer addict GermanyRegistered User regular
    corky842 wrote:
    Download this, put the card in your computer, then use that program to format it.

    Thanks, but that didn't help, either. I think I may have broken either the card or the socket...

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    rockmonkeyrockmonkey Little RockRegistered User regular
    edited October 2011
    Format the card into FAT32 on your laptop, load it with everything you want. Turn off your phone, pull the battery, insert the micro SD card into the phone, replace battery and power on phone.

    Does it STILL have problems? have a spare micro SD card around? even a tiny capacity one just to see if the phone will recognize it? Can you borrow one for a second from someone else to check?

    Still no go? Try looking up how to reset your phone to factory settings. You probably will need to activate your phone again after resetting it. I know w/ verizon it's *228 then option #1. Not sure about other carriers, check their website before hand. after resetting to factory defaults, NOW does it work?

    My best guess is the card is still fine, but perhaps your phone card slot has quit working properly, if you've done ALL of the above and it still doesn't work then I'd say it's the phones hardware and there isn't much you can do.

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    ben0207ben0207 Registered User regular
    It's more likely you;ve broken the card than the socket. Buy a cheap small card and test that.

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